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Cosmos, goddess of crystal

I´ll never forget. I promised you that.
Even if i stand to lose everything, i´ll preserve your memory for the tomorrows yet to be.
Come what may.
I could breathe my last breath, and the world be crumbling into oblivion.
There are ways to keep a thought alive.
And i know one that works for sure.
Indestructible crystal. Even in the sea of chaos, it never loses its shine.
I will become an eternal epitaph.
Your memory will survive for eternity within a crystal tomb.
This shall be my legacy, and my atonement.
But most of all...

[ Final Fantasy XIII-2 ]

Binding Ritual

Cosmos's seal must be drawn in a square containing a crystal ball.


You must not bind another alignment quest spirit while bound to Cosmos


A large crystalline nimbus floats behind you.


The nimbus can be seen from a distance.


The mark cannot be hidden in any way.





Active Powers

  • Crystal Memories: Summons a dead unique monster as a pet for 5 turns.

Passive Powers

  • Crystal Summons: Your pets will always follow you between levels, regardless of whether or not they are adjacent to you.
  • Crystal Skein: You and your pets gain AC based on your binder die
  • Lawful Mask: You can handle lawful artifacts without being blasted.
  • Lawful Resonance: The Pen of the Void deals an extra 2d4 damage to chaotic targets and 1d4 damage to neutral targets. After you complete your quest, this damage is doubled.