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Enki, God of the First City

The main temple to Enki is called E-abzu, meaning "abzu temple" (also E-en-gur-a, meaning "house of the subterranean waters"), a ziggurat temple surrounded by Euphratean marshlands near the ancient Persian Gulf coastline at Eridu. He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. His image is a double-helix snake, or the Caduceus, very similar to the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine. He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity dressed in the skin of a carp.

Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu (Apsu in Akkadian), the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth. In the later Babylonian epic Enûma Eliš, Abzu, the "begetter of the gods", is inert and sleepy but finds his peace disturbed by the younger gods, so sets out to destroy them. His grandson Enki, chosen to represent the younger gods, puts a spell on Abzu "casting him into a deep sleep", thereby confining him deep underground. Enki subsequently sets up his home "in the depths of the Abzu." Enki thus takes on all of the functions of the Abzu, including his fertilising powers as lord of the waters and lord of semen.

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Binding Ritual

Enki's seal must be drawn in the center of at least a 5x5 open space.


You must not refuse to dance with foocubi (though you can use an engagement ring to ward them off).


Water runs off your body in steady rivulets.


The water can be seen from a distance.


Wear either a cloak or torso armor.


Enki protects your inventory from water damage.


Enki grants skill in short swords, hammers, javelin, sling, dart, and boomerang.

Active Powers

  • Walker of Thresholds: Teleport to a chosen doorway.

Passive Powers

  • City-Dweller: +2 speed when at least 4 monsters nearby +4 speed when at least 8 monsters are nearby.
  • Alley-Fighter: +1 AC per adjacent wall
  • Fruits of Civilization: eating non-corpse prepared food (fruits don't count, but rations do) heals you by the amount of nutrition gained, drinking booze heals you by your level*10.
  • Swimming