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Eurynome, the Lonely Dancer

In the beginning, Eurynome,
The Goddess of All Things,
Rose naked from Chaos.

She found nothing upon
Which to rest her feet, and thus,
She divided the sea from the sky.

She danced lonely upon
The waves of the sea.

She danced towards the South, and
The Wind set in motion behind her
Seemed something new and strange
With which to begin a work of creation.

Wheeling about, she caught hold of
This North wind, rubbed it between
Her hands, and behold!
The great serpent Ophion.


Eurynome and Ophion made their home upon
Mount Olympus where he vexed her by
Claiming to be the author of the Universe.

Forthwith, she bruised his head with her heel,
Kicked out his teeth, and banished him to the
Dark caves below the Earth


She took joy in her creation, but soon found
Herself alone desiering the face, voice,
Ear and warmth of another of her own.

Eurynome stood up and once again
Began to dance alone upon the waves.

[ The Pelasgian Creation Myth by Dr. James Luchte,
  Adapted from Roberts Graves's The Greek Myths ]

Binding Ritual

Eurynome's seal must be drawn next to a pool of water or a moat. When you #chat to the seal you must face the water square across the seal.


You must not skip a turn with '.' Clockwork automatons are permitted to repair themselves with '.', but must be careful.


Your shadow becomes that of a dancing nymph.


Your dancing shadow can be seen from a distance.


Don't stand in illuminated squares.


You gain free action


Eurynome grants skill in unarmed combat.

Active Powers

  • Vengeance: Damage all adjacent creatures that have damaged you with their attacks.
  • Shape the Wind: Creates a number of temporary pets. These pets vanish after five turns.

Passive Powers

  • Retaliation: Creatures that attack you may provoke a full attack routine from you.
  • Water Dancer: Water walking, plus increased speed while on water.
  • Form Dancer: Your unarmed attacks use randomly sized, exploding dice.