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Fafnir, Jotunn Dragon

Binding Ritual

Fafnir's binding ritual must be performed in a vault, or his seal must contain 1000 gold pieces per level.


You must have at least 1 gold in your open inventory at all times (including immediately after the binding ritual, so don't drop ALL your gold on his seal!). Note: this means you must be able to dig or teleport out of the vault. The guard will otherwise demand all the money in your open inventory, and you will be forced to drop it (breaking the seal).


There is a ring-shaped burn scar on your right ring-finger.


The burn can only be seen close up.


Wear gloves or a ring on your right finger.


Fafnir confers fire resistance


Fafnir grants skill with pick-axes

Active Powers

  • Breath Poison: Creates a stinking cloud centered at the chosen location
  • Ruinous Strike: Digs out and untraps target adjacent square, or moderately damages target adjacent nonliving creature, or destroys target adjacent golem.

Passive Powers

  • Flame Aura: Inflicts fire damage on creatures that strike you in melee combat.
  • Infravision: You gain infravision.
  • Additional Carrying capacity.