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Fafnir, Jotunn Dragon

Binding Ritual

Fafnir's binding ritual must be performed in a vault, or his seal must contain 1000 gold pieces per level.


You must have at least 1 gold in your open inventory at all times (including immediately after the binding ritual, so don't drop ALL your gold on his seal!).


There is a ring-shaped burn scar on your right ring-finger.


The burn can only be seen close up.


Wear gloves or a ring on your right finger.


Fafnir confers fire resistance


Fafnir grants skill with pick-axes

Active Powers

  • Breath Poison: Creates a stinking cloud centered at the chosen location
  • Ruinous Strike: Digs out and untraps target adjacent square, or moderately damages target adjacent nonliving creature, or destroys target adjacent golem.

Passive Powers

  • Flame Aura: Inflicts fire damage on creatures that strike you in melee combat.
  • Infravision: You gain infravision.
  • Additional Carrying capacity.