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Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory

In the High Hall of Gladsheim the Lord of the Aesir sits and waits for thought and memory to return to him. At his feet two wolves attend him. Lacking thought and memory, he could not even name them. The floor of the high hall is mud, scattered with rushes. He sits and waits, the gallows-god, the one-eyed king of Asgard.

There is a fluttering of wings. The ghost-birds return to his shoulder. And instantly he knows; he knows all they've seen. Huginn and Muninn: thought and memory. And he smiles, the lord of the gallows.

[ Sandman, by Neil Gaiman ]

Binding Ritual

Huginn and Muninn's seal may be drawn anywhere. The binding ritual reduces the binder's Int and Wis by one (though not below 3).


Do not fall asleep or be subject to an amnesia attack.


You have a raven nesting in each ear.


The ravens can only be seen from close up.


Wear a helmet.


Huginn and Muninn grant immunity to hallucination. They also grant immunity to one instance of sleep or amnesia (breaks taboo).


Huginn and Muninn grant skill with spears.

Active Powers

  • Ravens' Talons: Permanently blinds single adjacent target, while dealing 1d5+5 dice of damage. Deals only 1d5 dice of damage against a blind or sightless target.

Passive Powers

  • Grants warning
  • Grants 25 int and wis for the duration of the binding.