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Iris, Friend from Afar

"Where is everybody?"

Binding Ritual

The spirit's seal must be in a stinking cloud (it is not necessary for the cloud to be present while drawing the seal, nor for the binder to also be in the cloud).


You must not look in a mirror.


The veins on your arms bulge and shine with rainbow iridescence. When you attack in melee, the flesh on your arms opens, and the rainbows form tentacles that lash your foe.


The veins and tentacles can be seen from a distance.


As long as at least 5 turns have passed since you last attacked in melee, you need only torso armor or a cloak to hide the veins. If at least one turn has passed, you need a cloak to hide the tentacles. The tentacles can't be hidden in the first turn an attack is made.


Iris grants resistance to disease.


Iris grants skill with morning stars.

Active Powers

  • Horrid Wilting: You suck moisture out of a single adjacent target, healing yourself for a like amount. Nonliving and anhydrous creatures are immune to this attack.
  • Horrid Rainbow: You turn animals, humanoids, and humans near you (as turn undead).

Passive Powers

  • Wilting Tentacles: You gain a tentacle attack. Struck creatures may be affected by Horrid Wilting (5% chance per hit).