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Jack, of the Lantern

Once in the land of Eire, there lived a blacksmith by the name of Jack. Quick to the drink but short on paying for it, Jack had few friends and was known to curse a lovely day as often as a miserable one.

One night late, when all civil folk were home abed, Jack was at a pub near the crossroads outside his village. A stranger in a long coat and hat sat near. Hoping for sympathy, Jack moaned aloud that he would give his soul to the Devil if he had the money for one last drink. Quick as can be, the stranger beside him disappeared and close to Jack's hand lay the coins for his drink.

Now although Jack was a drinking man, he was also a clever man and he knew now that stranger was no mere man. Being the thinking man, Jack snatched the coins from the counter and pocketed them in his purse where he kept a small silver cross. Trapped by the silver cross, the stranger, who was actually the Devil in disguise, had to agree not to claim Jack's soul for another ten years in order to escape Jack's pocket.

Now time went by and as time does and Jack's ways never changed. Without family or friend, Jack contented himself walking about late after the pub had closed and one night, ten years hence, he came across the Devil himself on a dark country road.

The Devil reminded Jack of their bargain and Jack, still not eager to leave life, agreed to go if the Devil would feed his terrible hunger with an apple from a nearby tree. Hopping upon Jack's shoulder's, the Devil hoisted himself into the tree to get the apple. Quickly Jack took his small knife and carved a cross in the tree. Now as we all know, the Devil has no power in the air and was trapped in the tree by the cross on its trunk. This time Jack made the Devil promise never to come for him again. Having no choice, the Devil agreed.

Some years later, Jack did meet his natural end. Because of his miserly and drinking ways, he was denied entrance to Heaven. The Devil himself turned him away at the entrance to Hell because he had promised years before never to take his soul. As the night was dark and the wind was howling, Jack begged the Devil for light to find his way. The Devil threw him an ember from the very fires of hell and Jack kept it lit inside a bit of rotten turnip that he found.

Ever since then, Jack has wandered the night with his wee lantern. He was seen from time to time, and still is, a bobbing light in the darkness, on windy nights out on the moors or along lonely country roads. He became known as "Jack-of-the Lantern," and over time just "Jack-o-Lantern."

[ Stingy Jack, retold by C. Austin ]

Binding Ritual

Jack's seal must be drawn outside of gehennom and the planes. You must not die.


You must not enter genennom or the planes.

Additionally, you must not die (see Immunity).


An old, old man rides on your back.


The man can be seen from a distance.


The man can be covered by a cloak.


You are protected from death (as an Amulet of Life Saving). Dying drains a level from the broken pact.



Active Powers

  • Hellfire blast: Creates a moderately-damaging explosion of fire centered on the chosen square. Requires you to wield a lit potion of oil, oil lamp, or lightsaber.
  • Refill lantern: Add some fuel to a wielded oil lamp or lightsaber.

Passive Powers