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Miska the wolf-spider

A canvas's colors of blood and ichor soak the ground upon the fields of Pesh, mountains of corpses surrounding a creature whose body wavers between forms arachnid and lupine. Miska the Wolf-Spyder.

The wind dukes and their servants (slaves?) are falling, the former comets being doused and the latter as if a wind put darkens a field of candles. One duke is a pillar for the forces of Law and its allies, shining in its gorgeous androgyne nudity despite the vastness of Miska's shadow which flows through forms like quicksilver. In his hand is a simple black rod, elegant in its minimalism as befitting the nature of its orderly creators.

What happens next is unclear - those who might have recalled these moments better are lost even to the great powers shining their light on this ancient past. One of the wind dukes that was there before the tide of the demonic horde fell upon them is dead, his body torn by gaping but perfectly circular holes. One of the Vaati has speared the body of the Miska the Wolf-Spyder, who is in his drider like form, his eye-holes pouring out light that strangely resembles rotted gold.
[ Blade of Innocence, Sciborg ]

Stricken, Miska wailed in anguish, and his screams were so terrible that every soldier on the battlefield was briefly transfixed. As Miska writhed in agony, his foul blood covered and penetrated the Rod. As the absolute Law imbued in the Rod mingled with the Chaos in Miska's blood, the fabric of the multiverse was ripped asunder. The Rod shattered into seven pieces and Miska was cast through a planar rift. The hordes of Chaos surged to the scene, but the Rod bearer gathered up the fragments and dove through the rift, sealing it.
[ The Rod of Seven Parts, Skip Williams ]

Binding Ritual

Miska's seal must be drawn in front of a square containing lava.


You must not bind another alignment quest spirit while bound to Miska


You have 4 arms, and a wolf's head sprouts from both hips.


Your distorted form can be seen from a distance.


The mark cannot be hidden in any way.




Two weapon combat

Active Powers


Passive Powers

  • Miska's Form: Your distorted form grants you extra attacks, based on your level.
    • 1st level and above: You can engage in two-weapon combat.
    • 10th level and above: You gain a poisonous bite attack.
    • 18th level and above: You gain a second poisonous bit attack.
    • 26th level and above: You gain an extra weapon attack.
  • Chaotic Mask: You can handle chaotic artifacts without being blasted.
  • Chaotic Resonance: The Pen of the Void deals an extra 2d4 damage to lawful targets and 1d4 damage to neutral targets. After you complete your quest, this damage is doubled.