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Nudziarth, the mirrored destructor

In the center of the great rilmani city Sum of All, a building of strange angles stands, obviously not of rilmani construction. Ancient even amongst their number, the Mirrored Library once known as Timaresh holds untold amounts of lore from across the Multiverse.
[ Timaresh, the Mirrored Library, ]

Binding Ritual

Nudziarth's seal must be drawn in a square containing a non-artifact mirror. The mirror is destroyed as part of the ritual.


You must not bind another alignment quest spirit while bound to Nudziarth


A nimbus of tiny mirrored shards surrounds your head.


The nimbus can be seen from a distance.


The mark cannot be hidden in any way.





Active Powers

  • Mirror Shatter: You must wield a mirror to use this power. Choose a direction. If there is a mirror on the ground or in a monster's open inventory in the chosen direction, both that mirror and the one you wield will explode, and a beam of mirror fragments connects the two mirrors. Both the beam and the explosions deal 5 dice of damage, plus 1d20 silver damage to silver-hating monsters. If a monster is caught in both explosions and the beam, it takes a total of 15 dice of damage plus 3d20. You can throw a mirror to activate this power where the mirror lands, if it's off cooldown.

Passive Powers

  • Mirror Magic: 2x damage for beam and ray spells (as Knight with Magic Mirror of Merlin).
  • Mirror Soul: Dead enemies drop mirrors with increased frequency.
  • Obsidian Shards: Thrown or fired obsidian weapons will explode wherever they land, causing 1d5 dice of damage. This stacks with the damage dealt by a thrown or fired obsidian weapon.
  • Neutral Mask: You can handle neutral artifacts without being blasted.
  • Neutral Resonance: The Pen of the Void deals an extra 1d6 damage to chaotic and lawful targets. After you complete your quest, this damage is doubled.