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Numina, The Whispering Multitude

The literal meaning is simply "a nod", or more accurately, for it is a passive formation, "that which is produced by nodding", just as flamen is "that which is produced by blowing", i.e., a gust of wind. It came to mean "the product or expression of power" — not, be it noted, power itself.

[ H. J. Rose ]

Binding Ritual

The Numina can only be bound by 30th level Binders.


The Numina's pact breaks if the Binder ever loses a level.


The Binder is surrounded by whispers.


The whispers can only be hear up close.


The whispers can not be disguised.


The Numina grant immunity to stun and confusion.


The Numina allows access to all skills, but does not unrestrict nor grant a bonus to any skill.

Active Powers

  • Identify: Identifies inventory.
  • Clairvoyance: Map the local area.
  • Find the Path: Detect nearby magic portals.
  • Gnostic Premonition: Allows use of Gnostic Premonition despite having spirits bound (Bind any spirit of your choice for 5 turns). Cooldown is 25 turns instead of 125.

Passive Powers

  • Intrinsic monster detection