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Orthos, Sovereign of the Howling Dark

In the dark there is something that will always be a shade darker than the lightless black, as though it drew back the night like a curtain. That thing can be heard, even across the inconceivable gulf that separates the place of the vestiges and the known Multiverse. The faintest whisper suggests a howl as maddening as it is endless.

[ Blade of Innocence, by Sciborg ]

Binding Ritual

Othos's seal must be drawn in front of a square with a hole, such that the Binder is facing the hole across the seal when attempting to bind the spirit.


You must not be in the dark while blind or not carrying a light.


Strange winds tug on your clothes.


The motion of your clothes can be seen from a distance.


DON'T wear a cloak, other than mummy wrapping.


Orthos grants disintegration resistance


Musicalize Spell

Active Powers

  • Exhalation of the Rift: You exhale a damaging line of wind in the chosen direction. Struck targets are knocked back. The line is three squares wide, targets on the edge of the line take only moderate damage.

Passive Powers

  • Flickering outline: You gain displacement.
  • Void Sight: You gain astral vision.