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Seal of Ose.gif

Ose, dreamer in a drowned city

Long, long ago, before your ancestors had discovered flint or fire or songs, my people were already climbing the great heights of civilization. Settling on an island in the midst of the lonely seas, we raised a great city to the stars.

...But Time sweeps away all things, and that shining city has long since drowned beneath the uncaring ocean.

Binding Ritual

Ose's seal must be drawn underwater, and can only be addressed by a submerged binder. The water is drained away as part of the ritual.


You must not fall into water.


Your gaze carries tangible weight.


The force of your gaze can be felt from a distance.


Blind yourself, or wear a non-helm of telepathy metalic helm or a cornuthaum.


Ose grants immunity to death effects.


Ose grants skill with tridents.

Active Powers

  • Querient Thoughts: You release a blast of psychic static that damages all telepathic monsters on the level, and may damage other monsters (20% chance per monster).
  • Great Leap: You level teleport, loosing 625 nutrition in the process.

Passive Powers

  • Plain Leap: You can jump.