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Otiax, the Key to the Gate

Rhian stood within a circle of protection made from powdered diamonds. The hairs on her goose-bump speckled skin stood on end, the energy of wards and bufferings making her clenched teeth hum. Seed magic, beyond the arcane ability of almost all sorcerers and wizards. She could survive dragons, giants, waves of entropy, or even the stress of warping space-time.

Yet she was afraid, as were all of the conjurers in their own diamond circles that surrounded a larger circle which circumscribed her own along with a red-black blood-painted circle of binding. She could see it on their faces, even those demented alienists who were in truth prisoners barred from leaving the School's grounds. They seemed to be confounded that anyone might claim rulership over the Far Realms, yet rather than disdain their faces showed a newly minted fear of the plane they'd given themselves over to.


Two binders of Otiax shifted uncomfortably, throwing glances at the locked iron doors that led out of this vast summoning chamber. The Key to the Gate, a vestige believed to have some connection to the Far Realm, would perhaps provide some revelations of its own to this event. It seemed dangerous and Thaakir had proclaimed their presence the very epitome of mages' obsession with knowledge leading to their downfall. But it had been Rhian who had calmed him. She sensed, in a way that no one else could, that the vestiges would not let her come to harm. Their need for her, palpable across realities, ensured their lack of betrayal.

She felt breath on her shoulder, and could feel a presence behind her though unseen. A dream of a locked gate seemed to become real but only for her. She knew that if she turned, she would see the seal of Otiax upon the golden bars.

[ Blade of Innocence, Sciborg ]

Binding Ritual

Otiax's seal must be drawn in a doorway, and the door closed prior to addressing the seal.


You must not lock doors, nor kick down an unlocked door.


You are surrounded by a thin mist. Reaching tendrils form from this mist to attack your foes.


Your mist tendrils can be seen from a distance.


The mist around you remains formed into tendrils for 5 turns after you make a tendril attack.





Active Powers

  • Open: Opens a door in any solid surface, regardless of whether there was actually a door their. Damages monsters, with a chance to instantly kill them by releasing their innards.

Passive Powers

  • Fingers of Mist: You have automatic searching.
  • Concealing Mist: 20% of melee attacks directed at you automatically miss.
  • Can use #force to use the mist fingers to unlock doors/containers.
  • Required to be bound to perform the invocation as a Binder.