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Shiro, the stone soldier

"I'm shocked. You're the first person who's ever spoken to me. I've been here for many years, waving my arms around and asking for help, but everyone ignores me and passes me by. It's 'cause I'm about as impressive as a stone, right? ...I'm used to it, though."
[ The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask ]

Binding Ritual

Shiro's seal must be drawn in a ring (an 3x3 box) of 8 stones.


You must not wear a mummy wrapping while bound to Shiro.


You are invisible.




As usual, shopkeepers will refuse to let invisible characters into their shops.




Shiro grants skill in polearms.

Active Powers

  • Earth Swallow: Create a pit in target adjacent square, then throw a boulder into the pit. Can be used to cheat at sokoban.

Passive Powers

  • Stone Choir: Creatures you target in melee are also struck by a volley of stones.
  • As a stone: You are invisible and have stealth.