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The Alignment Thing

It is called the Alignment Thing, and the Storm of Ideals. It is called Mother and Father. None of these phrases truly encapsulate what it is.

It is at once a creature, a planar layer, and a disturbance within the multi-dimensional matrix of Outside. It is a storm. It is an infection, bleeding astral pus. It is a parasite. It is another level of being. It is a community, a tribe, a memetic ecology, a multiverse in itself. It is bodiless mind. It is an endless sea of bodies. It is a war. It is love. It is sex. It is hunger. It is fear.

It is the accumulation of alien philosophies in the Realm Outside. It is Law, Chaos, Good, Evil, and Balance collected and reinterpreted, digested and recreated in the other, alien reality beyond space and time. Somehow, these forces have gained an altogether new sentience, neither unified nor separate, a great spiraling current around an unseen attractor. It is alive.

Like most living things, it seeks to grow and propagate itself. Therefore it seeks portals into the Great Wheel from which its original substance comes so that it may gather more of these thoughts so foreign to its dimension and so familiar to our own.

For this reason the Storm of Ideals is often the first layer encountered by those foolish enough to cross the veil of Eternity and explore the unfathomable Beyond.

A staggering variety of creatures inhabit and make up the substance of the Storm, each becoming stranger and more complex with every movement. The beings who make up the Thing continually exchange parts of their bodies and essence, never remaining the same for long. This is the current that fuels the Storm.

Any who touch the substance of the Alignment Thing assumes an alignment subtype - either Good, Evil, Lawful, Chaotic, or none. Sometimes more than one subtype is gained. This subtype is permanent, probably the only permanent thing an inhabitant of the Storm of Ideals will ever know again as everything from bones and sinew to spell-like or psi-like abilities are exchanged with those up and downstream. The possessor of this subtype need not live up to it in their deeds and actions, since the alien nature of that which bequeathed it understands these notions very poorly. However, most will be influenced by their subtype to some extent.

[ a layer of the far realms of insanity, by ripvanwormer ]

Binding Ritual

The Alignment Thing's seal may be drawn anywhere.


You must not bind another alignment quest spirit while bound to the Alignment Thing


There's a small black halo just behind your head. There is an eye in the center, staring at you.


The halo can be seen up close.


The halo cannot be disguised.


You aggravate monsters.



Active Powers

  • Flowing Forms: Zap a beam of polymorph in a specified direction.

Passive Powers

  • Alignment Mask: You can handle artifacts of all alignments without being blasted.
  • Alignment Resonance: The Pen of the Void randomly deals an extra 2d4, 1d4, or no extra damage to all targets. After you complete your quest, this damage is doubled.