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Hello all. I exist.

I have not ascended. The deepest I've ever gotten was dlvl 10, which I got to thrice. Twice I was a samurai, the third time a gnome wizard. Both the samurai were killed by some form of jelly (the first an ochre jelly, the second a blue jelly. Yes, I am an idiot for attacking a blue jelly.) I really hate jellies. The gnome was killed by a giant spider.

Also I once made it to 27, but then I was playing an archeologist and I was just carelessly digging downward constantly.

I am DarthCliche on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs).

I enjoy making variants, though I'm not very good at it - so far I know how to add races, items, monsters, and artifacts, and edit the starting inventories of roles.

Here's the most bizarre monster I've created so far, the penguin (thanks to Qazmlpok for the nhtohtml utility.)