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Hey, I'm EvTwi! (That's short for EvilTwilight.)

Quote of the Whenever.

"Just think about it...a lycanthrope, with a ring of polymorph control, the ability to polymorph at will, and in Wizard Mode, to polymorph into almost any form at any's a transformation addict's dream." - EvTwi


Name: EvTwi (Full: EvilTwilight)
Gender: Male
Age: ...uh, why should that info be out there?
Nethack Status: Having FUN in Wizard Mode. Tame werewolves GO!
Main Nethack Species: Human
Main Nethack Gender: Male. What else?
Main Nethack Role: Wizard.
Main Nethack name: Well, when I play using my copy of SLASH'EM, I play as named Samuel (REAL FIRST NAME!). On public servers, I'm EvTwi. In Wizard mode, I have the usual.
Pet name: Depends on what kind of pet it is. Two shimmering dragons which I had in Wizard mode before I did a Levelcide? Flynn and Flyre.

RL Pet(s): I (unfortunately) have two dogs. I WANT A CAT. I DON'T CARE IF I MAY HAVE CAT ALLERGIES OR NOT.

Text Adventure Ramblings

You see nothing.

>Well, this game sucks, doesn't it?

Current Request

If anyone could tell me how to properly line break on a wiki, please do. Until then, semicolons (;) act as those line breaks.

  • You should be able to
    use the html <br> to break a line. I used <nowiki> and an appropriate HTML closure to get <br> to display. I editted your user page to reflect that. Hope you don't mind. -- Kalon 01:38, 29 January 2009 (UTC)