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About me

I first played nethack -89. First ascension was -95 with a valk without having been spoiled much, only heard about the invocation and VS. I still remember when I got my first Mjollnir from a sacrifice and also when I finally had valkyrie game in which I got the gauntlets of power and figured perhaps now it's not too heavy. Being unspoiled in this vastness was an amazing experience. It left such and imprint that some more than twenty years later I still keep returning to this game.

Since then I've done a lot of source code reading and I have about two dozen ascensions with varying minor conducts. I've also done my share of source code reading, so the unspoiled tag has been long forgotten. I've ascended all of the roles, but I'm still an absolute rookie compared to all these liquid diet pacifists. The best few that I've ascended are a 'genoless polyless wishless atheist' (samurai 2010) and an 'illiterate weaponless genoless survivor' (monk 2013). An 'illiterate wishless genoless polyless polyselfless atheist survivor' came in next (samurai 2013). Still not sure what's next.

I used to play plenty locally, then I switched to until that crashed, on me! I was playing past-castle caveman game there, the last role unascended, when the disks went read-only and lost con there after. I did ascend the caveman right after that at nao. But sadly nao is a little laggy for me to play from Finland and again I'm stuck to local games again.

My favorite pages

I tend to refer to the rings and potions quite often while price-id'ing stuff, the scrolls and spells I can remember.

An interesting thing semi-recently was the throne dance, i.e. confused looting of the throne with gold and without a chest in the level. During past three or four ascensions that has been the method of getting scales at the Castle. I never wish them, because I seldom use wishes at all and if I do it's for ludicrous pets and magic markers. It's also an excellent source of pots, one that I will sorely miss in illiterate non-spellcaster games.