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I did it! I ascended! I won! This is probably the best thing that's happened to me all year.


  • Kletian - a neutral male human Ranger, 25 Jan 2007

Past characters of note

  • Eiko, a female gnomish Healer. This time, I finally made it down to Minetown at XL1. After donating all of my gold and getting some lucky equipment drops (a +3 pair of boots from a watchman my large cat killed!), my AC was now -9, the lowest I'd ever gotten it. I died on DL 8 when I attempted to pray with 2 HP left. I was killed before I finished my prayer.
  • Lily, a female human Monk. I was doing wonderfully. I had a wand of death, great protection, two artifacts, a bag of holding, awesome Luck, and three potions of full healing. I reached DL 20 and saw a giant in the room. I walked toward him to fight when I see a black line and those dreadful words: DYWYPI? Giant with a death ray. Holy crap.
  • Marion, a female human Barbarian. I cleared out an opulent throne room early in the game and got two wishes from sitting on it! I wished for a blessed +2 gray dragon scale mail (got +0) and a blessed fireproof +2 pair of boots of speed. Cleared the Mines and Sokoban, then dove a bit. At level 20, I got shot by a death ray and immediately recognized the bones level from my last character, Lily (see below). I looted her stuff and got down to -6 AC. I continued my dive but trapdoored through Medusa's level. This was unfortunate because I didn't have a means of levitation. I cleared out the castle, the Valley of the Dead, and the first floor of Gehennom before breaking down and wasting a wish on a ring of levitation. I returned, cleared the Quest, and donated my way to -17 AC. I have now descended into Gehennom, slaying Juiblex, Vlad, and the Wizard of Yendor and driving off Orcus. Marion finally died at the Wizard's hands after slaying him eight times. I attribute her death to her lack of fire resistance: the fire traps in Gehennom lowered her to 136 max HP. YASD. This was my first non-Wizmode game to get past Medusa and by far my best game to date.
  • Lara, a female dwarven Archeologist. (I swear I play guys sometimes.) A successful protection run had her at -8 AC with pretty lame equips, then later at -12 with +2 GDSM (ditching some bulky equipment in favor of spellcasting). A few polymorphs later, my pet was a fire giant, and I crossed paths with Fire Brand quite by accident, which was my weapon of choice despite no proficiency. I cleared Sokoban for an amulet of reflection. I made it down to the Big Room, which was also my quest level. I didn't know they could be on the same level, but there you have it. A few levels below that, I found a nurse and did the nurse thing for a bit, then ran into a cockatrice. Yep, you guessed it. Forgot to re-equip my weapon. YASD. This one had promise, too.