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These are the notes for my 2nd successful attempt at speedrunning UnNetHack seed 7920473 during Junethack 2015. This is the 'route' that I followed, indicating the level and (x,y) coordinates of points of interest. It provides enough spare markers/wishes/potions/scrolls to allow for mistakes and bad luck. Turn count on ascension was 1015 as told by the dumplog. This turncount can be improved dramatically, both on this seed, and by better seed selection.

wishes		=PC, /poly, 3c?tele, "reflection
levporters	mines:6,10	d:17,21,22,23,25	Q:4,5	G:32,36,39,41,47,48
dungeon layout	mines3, soko9, town10, quest14, moria19, market23, medusa26, castle29
geh layout	juib33, asm34, baalz35, vlad40, D41, orcus43, rod44, sheol44, tower49, vs52
neutral altar on 17

new lines mostly indicate a controlled in-level teleport
taking the stairs is usually implied unless an item is listed
-?-> is a level teleport, probably with a cursed scroll of teleportation
-^-> is a level teleport using a teleport trap
dig indicates digging down with a wand of digging

#start adjacent to a wand of wishing
Dungeons of Doom:1(28,18): an uncursed large box (an uncursed wand of wishing (1:3))

#castle wand grab
-?->29(as tengu)
Dungeons of Doom:29(13,17): an uncursed chest (a cursed wand of wishing (1:2))(as xorn)

#grab digging on a level with a level teleport trap
-?->21(as tengu)
The Dungeons of Doom:21(29,15): an uncursed wand of digging (0:8)

#need scrolls early for teleportation/charging
General store

#holy water for bag, figurine
The Dungeons of Doom:15(53,8): a cursed scroll of teleportation
The Dungeons of Doom:16(36,1): an uncursed ring of teleport control
The Dungeons of Doom:17(40,15): an uncursed large box (wand of create monster (0:11))
The Dungeons of Doom:17(19,7): an uncursed wand of speed monster (0:4) 
make holy water at altar(as minotaur?)
The Dungeons of Doom:18(7,14): an uncursed wand of secret door detection (0:15)
The Dungeons of Doom:19(7,10): a cursed -1 pair of jumping boots

#black market shopping, figurine heist
One-eyed Sam's Market:23(49,9): an uncursed drum of earthquake (0:4)
Potion shop, wand shop, scroll shop, jewellery shop

#Gehennom for markers and the 3rd wand of wishing
Gehennom:42(38,6): an uncursed wand of wishing (1:2)
Gehennom:41(22,7): an uncursed magic marker (0:63)
Gehennom:41(12,6): an uncursed magic marker (0:64)
Gehennom:40(55,6): an uncursed wand of teleportation (0:5)

#quest sequence
The Quest:17(7,10): 5 uncursed tallow candles
The Quest:17(22,15): an uncursed amulet of life saving
shops, check rax for marker

#moria for c?tele, /death and booze from the prison
Ruins of Moria:14(52,19): a cursed scroll of teleportation named Word of Recall
Dwarf prison
Ruins of Moria:13(47,18): an uncursed iron safe (an uncursed wand of death (0:7))
Ruins of Moria:13(17,14): a cursed scroll of teleportation named Word of Recall
Ruins of Moria:13(24,1): a cursed scroll of teleportation named Word of Recall

#town potion shopping
The Dungeons of Doom:9(68,16): an uncursed scroll of genocide
The Dungeons of Doom:11(42,4): 2 blessed wax candles
Potion shop

#wine cellar is a convenient source of potions
Wine cellar

#rodney, invocation, Cthulhu
Rodney(wake with earthquake)
-?->53(possibly several attempts)
Cthulhu(wake with earthquake)

Color Alchemy

pink		invisibility
ruby		sickness
sky blue	healing
indigo		monster detection
yellow		see invisible
orange		full healing
amber		acid
emerald		oil
dark green	invisilibity
magenta		gain level
black		fruit juice
white		object detection

invisibility/sickness(diluted)+see invisible->full healing
sickness(diluted)+monster detection->gain level