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Psy is a devoted SLASH'EM player. Though this player usually takes on the shape of a valkyrie, one of the easier roles (it's harder than its NetHack equivalent though), the poor hacker has yet to ascend. Despite many a brave attempt, something usually gets in the way of success in that intricate, surprising manner so typical for the game.

Of course the game of SLASH'EM requires a good platform, thus Psy is also a devoted Gentoo Linux user.

 Version: 3.1
 GCS/O d-- s+: a--@ C++++ UL++>++++$ !P--- L+++>+++++$ E---- W- N o? !K !w---- !O M-
 V- !PS PE-- Y PGP- t+ 5-- X R* tv- b+(+++)>++++ !DI D++ G-- e++$>+++ h--- r++
 ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------