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I guess I should do what most people do on their userpage here...

I started playing nethack relatively recently. I didn't like the explore mode much. I learned the game by cheating as hell by savescuming, that was the first ascension.

After the learning curve, I normally ascended: Valkyrie, samurai, wizard, barbarian, tourist. In deed, The Heart of Ahriman was a worthless peace of crap B[ .

I almost ascended an archaeologist, but the day I changed keyboard, I made a typo near the end of Gehemon and put everything in the bag of Holding. Including my +7 Graywandir, orb of detection and .... my wand of cancellation O_O . I just quit it :( .

Now I just started with SLASH'EM. I first ascended a savescumed neutral dopleganger valkyrie. I normally ascended a lawful human valkyrie. Right now I'm at the castle as a chaotic human Wizard. I'll probably ascend him too.