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Commentary on DeathRobin's unachieved deaths, and their possibility or impossibility: [1]

.*\(with the Amulet\)
- Possible.

a trickery
- Possible, but extraordinarily difficult under normal server circumstances.

fell into a chasm
- Possible - drum of earthquake and dying by falling into a resulting pit

killed by (a shattered potion|shattered potions)
- Possible - cold damage and being killed by the potions freezing and

killed by .*(Death|War|Famine|Pestilence)
- Possible, except for War.

killed by a cursed throne
- Possible; just rare.  (Sit with 1 HP, ideally.)

killed by a psychic blast
- Possible - rn2(15) damage from the mind flayer's mental blasts.

killed by a scroll of fire
- Possible - 1hp loss from a confused scroll of fire without fire resistance.

killed by a thrown potion
- Possible (get hit by a thrown potion and die to the d2 damage it deals

killed by a touch of death 
- Possible, for obvious reasons.

killed by a.* (salamander)
- Possible, for obvious reasons.

killed by a.* tourist
- Possible (stone-to-flesh a tourist statue on one of the Planes to
  generate a "tourist" to die by).

killed by an electric chair
- Possible (result from sitting on a throne).

killed by an electric shock
- Possible (result from a trapped container).

killed by an exploding (large box|chest)
- Possible, as above.

killed by an exploding rune
- Possible (result from attempting to read a spellbook that is too difficult).

killed by an exploding wand
- Possible (having a wand break as a result of an electric shock).

killed by overexertion
- Possible (cf. Zadir).

killed by petrification
- Possible.
  Step 1: Find and wear an amulet of life saving.
  Step 2: Get slimed.
  Step 3: One turn before you get slimed, eat a cockatrice egg.
  You turn to slime and get lifesaved.  You then turn to stone and recieve
  this death.

killed by self-genocide
- Possible (genocide self while polymorphed and either get lifesaved from a
  stoning/sliming or get stoning fixed).

killed by sitting on lava
- Possible (walk onto lava with fireproof water walking boots and sit).

petrified by a cockatrice egg
- Possible.

petrified by a.* (soldier|captain)
- Possible.

petrified by stolen cockatrice corpse
- Possible.

petrified by swallowing a cockatrice whole
- Possible (as a trapper or lurker above).

poisoned by Pestilence
- Possible.

poisoned by a rotten lump of royal jelly
- Possible.

poisoned by a vampire bat
- Possible (deadly poison).

poisoned by.* (ant|water moccasin|centipede|bee|snake|scorpion|spider|quasit)
- Possible (deadly poison).

poisoned by a.* rabid .*
- Possible (deadly poison).

turned into green slime
- Possible (lifesave from stoning while being slimed).

unwisely ate the body of (Death|Famine|Pestilence)
- Possible (eat the Rider corpse).

.* with a fake Amulet
- Impossible - appears as "escaped (with a fake Amulet)", which has already
  been achieved.

- Impossible - the record/logfile code currently short-circuits in event
  of a panic.

poisoned by a fall onto poison spikes
- Impossible ("killed by a fall onto poison spikes" is the ensuing message).

poisoned by a poisoned blast
- Impossible ("killed by a poison blast" is the ensuing message).

using a magical horn on (him|her)self
- Impossible (appears as "killed by...").

killed by a server failure
- Utterly, utterly impossible.  Why is this in here?