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Grunt (seen thus on #nethack and rgrn and as SGrunt on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs)), @, is a monster of NetHack. His special abilities include a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the code (though, thanks to a long hiatus, his knowledge thereof is now twisted) with the associated ability to write patches (which can be found in paxed's patch database); in particular he's the one responsible for the (recently revived) GruntHack. He is also responsible for a few apparently successful comics in the original run of Dudley's Dungeon.

SGrunt ascended an elven ranger the evening of 9 October 2006 (10 October nao time) - his first ascension. After the aforementioned long hiatus, his second ascension was an elven priest in the wee hours of 6 February 2012 (nao dumplog), followed three days later by a human tourist (nao dumplog). As of 17 March, he has ascended every role (with Valkyrie being last, due to staunch refusal to take advantage of the relative easiness until absolutely necessary).