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This is one of the new possible maps for Sokoban Level 1 in GruntHack. It has 10 boulders and 8 pits, leaving 2 spare boulders.

This map would also feature in UnNetHack were it not for a (possible) bug in the level/dungeon specification. If it was featured, it could appear flipped horizontally or vertically.

        ---  0 boulder
----   -->-- ^ pit
|??-----...| > starting position/downstairs
|..^^^..00.| < upstairs
|^----.-.0.| ? scroll of earth (GruntHack only)


The following solution may not be very fast or organized. Improvements welcome. Like all Sokoban levels it can be solved without making any boulders 'stick'.

All boulders are replaced by letters so they can be referred to. Moving the boulders is shortened to r for right, l for left, u for up, d for down. An asterisk is used to denote that the last move filled a pit (and thus removed the boulder from the game). So "N ddrr*" means move boulder N two times down and two times to the right into a pit.

First and most importantly, arrange the boulders in the entrance area:

        ---  H d
----   --@-- C l
|??-----...| D d
|..^^^..AB.| B d

Fill in the first three pits:

        ---  A lll*
----   -->-- B ulll ll*
|??-----...| C ulll ll*

Collect the scrolls of earth and fill the last five pits:

        ---  D uuul llll llld*
----   -->-- F uuul llll lldd*
|??-----...| H uuuu ulll llll lddd*
|...@......| J uuuu ulll llll dddd*
|^----.-...| G uuuu llll lddd dd*

The level is now complete. Remember to check under the last two boulders for items.

----   -->--

Next level

In GruntHack, this would lead to the second level of Sokoban. In UnNetHack, Sokoban has only three levels per game, collapsing the 'second' levels into the first floor, so this would instead lead straight to the pool of third levels.