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Some extra spoilers about ZAPM.

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(Assuming role is Marine)

  1. Survive and reach Robot Town.
  2. Get reflection (via tinfoil hat or reflec armor (shiny)). Not really necessary, but can help.
  3. Kill the guardbot (wear reflective armor) for a free laser cannon.
  4. Kill shopbots if you need money or can't afford things - no penalty in doing so.
  5. Find yourself a computer and start to identify items, with focus on floppies
  6. Find a stormtrooper or space helmet for its air supply (for the sewers).
  7. Clear the sewers, visit docbot often if radiation poisoned or poisoned - not worth the risk of strong-arming with reduced carrying capacity or reduced hp.
  8. Get the power plant (and radiation suit if you need it)
  9. Continue down Space Base. Find the entrance to the Gamma Caves.
  10. Kill the killer rabbit at the bottom of Space Base for the lucky foot. Gives some bonuses on saving throws.
  11. Enter Gamma Caves, make sure to have radiation resistance. Do not allow aliens (A) to get close, they will corrode your stuff - alternately, you can foo-proof items if you execute a floppy of enhance armor (also works for enhance weapon) while confused. Drink beer to get confused.
  12. Kill BoFH for the detached retina, gives you X-Ray vision if worn.
  13. Backtrack to Rabbit Hole (bottom of Space Base)
  14. Wear detached retina and open the only door in Rabbit Hole, proceed to mainframe.
  15. Look for every Bizarro Org-whatever it's called on every level. Use floppy of detect objects to reduce search time, try to spend as little time as possible on each level - daemons can slow/burn/curse your gear.
  16. apply every Bizarro Org-whatever item until you are congratulated.

Dungeon Layout

               Space Base  
               Robot Town  
                    |  |   
         __________/|  \______
        /           |         \
  Gamma Caves       |       Sewers
        |      Rabbit Hole    |   
        |           |         |
        |           |         |
   BoFH Level       |      Sewer Plant
              Mainframe (*)

(*) Mainframe is actually the second upstairs on Rabbit hole


Impregnation (alien infestation)

Fun fact: the flag is called preggers in the source code.

Ways to kill your baby:

  • Visit the docbot in the town, get intestinal examination. Makes you sore.
  • Quaff napalm, universal solvent, plasma, liquid nitrogen, or poison. Also gives unwanted effects. [1]
  • Quaff a vat of acid (chance) [2]

Buggy armor

  • execute a floppy of debugging
  • execute a non-buggy floppy of enhance armor (make sure to take off other gear first!)


If you find a tribble, don't kill it. let it reproduce and farm XP from it. It'll get you at least to XP level 10 if you're patient (and don't let yourself get surrounded).


If you find a monolith, don't kill it. "Attack" it bare-handed. Most of the time it shall frighten you, but it'll give you a free XP level eventually, then disappear. Because it frightens you, don't attempt the free XP around monsters that can kill you.

Strength Drain (from poison)

Docbots can heal strength drain.