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List of Items in ZAPM

This page gives a list of items found in ZAPM and some minimal information about them, including base prices.

In ZAPM, price offered is not influenced by charisma - you can't charm a robot, after all. Selling prices are always 1/10 of base prices, and buying prices are always base prices.

One convenient feature is that unlike nethack, any type of shop will buy any item. So you can price ID your canisters in a computer shop, for instance.

Caveat: the ZAPM items do not necessarily behave exactly like the "Nethack Analogs" given below.

Table of floppy disks

Floppy disks in ZAPM appear as ? and are roughly analogous to nethack scrolls. They are unusable without a computer. If the computer is buggy, it may eat the disks. Like nethack, some floppy disks have different effects according to "BUC" status and if the hero is confused.

Floppy disks may be reused; under normal circumstances there is a chance of the "license expiring" and the disk disappearing, otherwise it stays in inventory and may be reused.

Floppy Disk Cost Nethack analog Effects
Bug Detection 25 n/a reveals items in inventory which are buggy
Spam 25 n/a scams you out of money, if you have any
Identify 25 Scroll of identify identifies objects in inventory (1-5 if optimized)
Blank Floppy Disk 50 Scroll of blank paper requires programming skill to "write"
Object Detection 50 Potion of object detection detects objects on the level
Lifeform Detection 50 Potion of monster detection detects lifeforms on the level. Confused detects bots instead
Mapping 50 Scroll of magic mapping Maps the level
Diagnostics 50 Potion of enlightenment gives status info on the hero
Debugging 100 Scroll of remove curse debugs (or optimises) selected item in inventory
Enhance Armor 100 Scroll of enchant armor increases worn armor effectiveness
Enhance Weapon 100 Scroll of enchant weapon increases wielded weapon effectiveness
Enhance Implant 100 n/a increases installed implant effectiveness
Transportation 100 Scroll of teleportation Transports the hero. It can malfunction
Hypnosis 100 Potion of sleep puts hero and adjacent monsters to sleep for a while
Hacking 300 n/a attempts to "crack" a floppy disk, which if successful gives unlimited usage

Table of Canisters

Canisters appear as ! and are roughly equivalent to nethack potions. However, ZAPM canisters cannot be thrown. Some may be applied as well as quaffed. If you have a canister of superglue stuck to your tongue you are unable to quaff anything.

A useful observation is that all canisters worth 50 buckazoids have positive effects.

Canister Cost Nethack analog Effects
Beer 5 Potion of booze confusion; cures fright
Super Glue 5 n/a sticks to your tongue and makes you look ridiculous. Eventually falls off
Nano-Cola 5 Potion of gain energy restores/boosts charisma (used for mutant powers)
Water 5 uncursed Potion of water water (no equivalent of holy/unholy water)
Rad-Away 50 n/a reduces hero's radiation contamination by 100-300 points
Restoration 50 Potion of restore ability restores hero's lost abilities, maybe partially. Note that there is no unicorn horn equivalent in ZAPM
Healing 50 Potion of healing restores hitpoints and raises maximum if unbuggy
Liquid Nitrogen 75 n/a Causes cold damage to hero. Abortifacient
Napalm 75 Scroll of fire Causes fire damage to hero. Abortifacient
Universal Solvent 100 Potion of acid Causes acid damage to hero. Abortifacient
Speed 100 Potion of speed Speeds up hero for 12d20 turns (4d20 if buggy, 20d20 if optimised.) Cures hosing
Poison 100 Potion of sickness Causes poison damage to hero. Abortifacient
Plasma 100 n/a Causes shock damage to hero. Abortifacient
Mutagen 200 n/a Exposure to a great deal of radiation. Gain random mutant power
Full Healing 200 Potion of full healing Full healing for hero (including curing a variety of ill effects)
Gain Ability 200 Potion of gain ability +1 to one random ability if debugged, +1 to all if optimized
Spice 200 n/a You fold space. Can be dangerous
Brain Cylinder 1000 mind flayer corpse +1 Intelligence
Antimatter 1000 n/a total annihilation

Table of Armor

Types of armor in ZAPM are: jumpsuit, body armor, helmet, belt, goggles.

Armor class works differently than nethack. 10 is naked and worn armor increases this number, so equipping something with armor class 1 results in character AC of 11. As in nethack, armor can be enhanced (enchanted), and enhancement may be negative.

Powered armor carries its own weight, and is effectively weightless when worn (but not when carried.)

Although belts have randomized appearance, there is currently only one type implemented (shield belt.)

Armor Cost Weight Appearance Armor Class Effects
Stormtrooper Helmet 50 1000 plastic helmet 1 air supply; -2 to hit
Space Helmet 100 2000 sealed helmet 1 air supply
Football Helmet 25 4000 padded helmet 1 none
Energy Dome 25 25 flowerpot 1 none
Brain Shield 25 25 tinfoil hat 0 reflection, brain shield
Sunglasses 50 50 pair of goggles 0 blindness protection?
Peril-sensitive Sunglasses 50 50 pair of goggles 0 usually buggy, blinds when peril is nigh
Blindfold 50 50 blindfold 0 blinding
X-ray Goggles 100 50 pair of goggles 0 X-ray vision, exposure to radiation if buggy
Targeter Goggles 100 50 pair of goggles 0 +2 to hit; +2 damage
Night Vision Goggles 100 50 pair of goggles 0 Night vision
Shield Belt 300 100 {random} belt 0 Energy shield
Ordinary Jumpsuit 25 400 {colour} jumpsuit 1 none
Radiation Suit 100 400 {colour} jumpsuit 1 radiation protection
Janitor Uniform 25 400 {colour} jumpsuit 1 none
Chameleon Suit 500 400 {colour} jumpsuit 1 20% concealment
Elven Jumpsuit 25 400 pink jumpsuit 2 none
Reflec Armor 100 400 shiny armor 1 reflection
Football Pads 100 5000 padded uniform 3 none
Flak Jacket 75 2500 flak jacket 3 none
Stormtrooper suit 400 10000 plastic armor 4 none
Aquamarine Power Armor 1500 15000 aqua mechanical armor 7 powered
Mean Green Power Armor 1500 15000 green mechanical armor 7 powered
Space Suit 800 18000 space suit 4 powered
Elven Space Suit 1500 10000 pink space suit 5 powered