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Assorted static pline() messages, taken from the NetHack code from which NAO is running on (so the line numbers might be slightly out).

The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

This content was modified from the original NetHack source code distribution (by splitting up NetHack content between wiki pages, and possibly further editing). See the page history for a list of who changed it, and on what dates.


It's obscene! write.c, line 145
No mere dungeon adventurer could write that. write.c, line 148
You're enveloped in flames. mcastu.c, line 271
But you resist the effects. mcastu.c, line 274
You're covered in frost. mcastu.c, line 280
But you resist the effects. mcastu.c, line 283
Lucky for you, it didn't work! mcastu.c, line 346
Double Trouble... mcastu.c, line 352
A field of force surrounds you! mcastu.c, line 395
A sudden geyser slams into you from nowhere! mcastu.c, line 493
A pillar of fire strikes all around you! mcastu.c, line 498
A bolt of lightning strikes down at you from above! mcastu.c, line 516
Wounds appear on your body! mcastu.c, line 648
Severe wounds appear on your body! mcastu.c, line 650
They won't hear you out there. sounds.c, line 855
Talking to yourself is a bad habit for a dungeoneer. sounds.c, line 899
That is not anatomically possible. options.c, line 1455
That is not anatomically possible. options.c, line 1463
Doing that so many times isn't very fruitful. options.c, line 1828
out of menu map space. options.c, line 2883
Where is shopdoor? shknam.c, line 372
Cannot unlink old bones. bones.c, line 216
Insufficient space to create bones file. bones.c, line 354
Discarding unuseable bones; no need to panic... bones.c, line 401
But wait... mon.c, line 1383
Maybe not... mon.c, line 1808
That was probably a bad idea... mon.c, line 1896
Whoopsie-daisy! mon.c, line 1897
... and returns to normal. mon.c, line 1931
Exercise: attrib.c, line 268
exerper: Hunger checks attrib.c, line 317
exerper: Encumber checks attrib.c, line 335
exerper: Status checks attrib.c, line 350
exerchk: testing. attrib.c, line 381
Unfortunately you cannot see what it says. mail.c, line 458
It appears to be all gibberish. mail.c, line 595
Boing! muse.c, line 1116
Boing! muse.c, line 1127
Fortunately, you are wearing a hard helmet. muse.c, line 1426
Oh, what a pretty fire! muse.c, line 1454
A large bubble rises to the surface and pops. fountain.c, line 84
Water sprays all over you. fountain.c, line 100
Water gushes forth from the overflowing fountain! fountain.c, line 122
Wow! This makes you feel great! fountain.c, line 209
A wisp of vapor escapes the fountain... fountain.c, line 224
This water's no good! fountain.c, line 282
Then it passes. fountain.c, line 297
But it disappears. fountain.c, line 301
This water gives you bad breath! fountain.c, line 329
This tepid water is tasteless. fountain.c, line 343
A freezing mist rises from the water and envelopes the sword. fountain.c, line 368
From the murky depths, a hand reaches up to bless the sword. fountain.c, line 377
As the hand retreats, the fountain disappears! fountain.c, line 378
A feeling of loss comes over you. fountain.c, line 416
An urge to take a bath overwhelms you. fountain.c, line 444
Far below you, you see coins glistening in the water. fountain.c, line 486
It seems quite tasty. fountain.c, line 526
Some dirty water backs up in the drain. fountain.c, line 563
But it quiets down. fountain.c, line 571
Yuk, this water tastes awful. fountain.c, line 573
Gaggg... this tastes like sewage! You vomit. fountain.c, line 577
This water contains toxic wastes! fountain.c, line 581
From the murky drain, a hand reaches up... --oops-- fountain.c, line 593
Made knox portal. mklev.c, line 1593
Can't open rumors file! rumors.c, line 131
What a pity that you cannot read it! rumors.c, line 156
It reads: rumors.c, line 176
Can't open oracles file! rumors.c, line 281
Crash! The ceiling collapses around you! dig.c, line 96
This tree seems to be petrified. dig.c, line 232
KADOOM! The boulder falls in! dig.c, line 694
Clash! dig.c, line 899
Clang! dig.c, line 922
MAXRECT may be too small. rect.c, line 139
Somebody tries to rob you, but finds nothing to steal. steal.c, line 254
Without limbs, you cannot loot anything. pickup.c, line 1527
It develops a huge set of teeth and bites you! pickup.c, line 1566
The exchequer accepts your contribution. pickup.c, line 1710
The exchequer accepts your contribution. pickup.c, line 1719
Ok, now there is loot here. pickup.c, line 1727
That would be an interesting topological exercise. pickup.c, line 1886
This doorway has no door. lock.c, line 89
This door is broken. lock.c, line 95
This doorway has no door. lock.c, line 387
This door is broken. lock.c, line 393
You're too small to pull the door open. lock.c, line 557
This doorway has no door. lock.c, line 653
This door is broken. lock.c, line 660
This door is already closed. lock.c, line 665
You're too small to push the door closed. lock.c, line 675
Klunk! lock.c, line 710
Klick! lock.c, line 719
A door appears in the wall! lock.c, line 757
KABOOM!! You see a door explode. lock.c, line 838
It's too heavy. dothrow.c, line 87
Ouch! dothrow.c, line 474
It blinds you! dothrow.c, line 774
Fortunately, you are wearing a hard helmet. dothrow.c, line 809
Splat! dothrow.c, line 1688
What a mess! dothrow.c, line 1691
Splash! dothrow.c, line 1695
Fortunately, you are wearing a helmet! dothrow.c, line 1742
Ouch! region.c, line 822
It's not very comfortable... sit.c, line 69
A voice echoes: sit.c, line 205
A voice echoes: sit.c, line 213
A voice echoes: sit.c, line 219
An image forms in your mind. sit.c, line 233
Males can't lay eggs! sit.c, line 284
There's a tiger in your tank. pray.c, line 405
Suddenly a bolt of lightning comes down at you from the heavens! pray.c, line 469
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes you! pray.c, line 480
For some reason you're unaffected. pray.c, line 484
It seems not to affect you. pray.c, line 489
A wide-angle disintegration beam hits you! pray.c, line 504
You'll regret this infamous offense! pray.c, line 1172
So this is how you repay loyalty? pray.c, line 1228
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance... pray.c, line 1295
Overall, there is a smell of fried onions. pray.c, line 1462
Unfortunately, your voice falters. pray.c, line 1714
KABOOM!! You see a door explode. monmove.c, line 28
A wave of psychic energy pours over you! monmove.c, line 414
It feels quite soothing. monmove.c, line 417
No count allowed with this command. invent.c, line 1031
Not applicable. invent.c, line 1340
That was all. invent.c, line 1523
No applicable objects. invent.c, line 1524
That was all. invent.c, line 1580
Not carrying anything. invent.c, line 2217
No used-up objects on your shopping bill. invent.c, line 2665
But you can't reach it! invent.c, line 2816
Select an inventory slot letter. invent.c, line 3304
A huge hole opens up... zap.c, line 146
Unfortunately, nothing happens. zap.c, line 1793
Boing! zap.c, line 1890
You've set yourself afire! zap.c, line 1933
Idiot! You've shot yourself! zap.c, line 1966
A trap door beneath you closes up then vanishes. zap.c, line 2361
It seems even stronger than before. zap.c, line 3382
For some reason you are not affected. zap.c, line 3458
Steam billows from the fountain. zap.c, line 3609
Nothing fitting that description exists in the game. zap.c, line 4119
My brain hurts! do_wear.c, line 339
It constricts your throat! do_wear.c, line 628
Suddenly you are transparent, but there! do_wear.c, line 737
Suddenly you cannot see yourself. do_wear.c, line 844
Don't even bother. do_wear.c, line 1426
... into a pile of dust. dog.c, line 70
Brrooaa... You land hard at some distance. mhitu.c, line 263
It tries to move where you are hiding. mhitu.c, line 397
It gets stuck on you. mhitu.c, line 431
But none comes. mhitu.c, line 503
The silver sears your flesh! mhitu.c, line 948
You're covered in frost! mhitu.c, line 1007
Unfortunately your brain is still gone. mhitu.c, line 1104
Some writing vanishes from your head! mhitu.c, line 1439
You're covered in acid, but it seems harmless. mhitu.c, line 1458
You're covered in acid!It burns! mhitu.c, line 1461
Was that the touch of death? mhitu.c, line 1493
Lucky for you, it didn't work! mhitu.c, line 1511
Yuck! mhitu.c, line 1545
Ouch! You've been slimed! mhitu.c, line 1739
It caresses you... mhitu.c, line 2183
and puts it on your finger. mhitu.c, line 2222
That was a very educational experience. mhitu.c, line 2344
It misses. mthrowu.c, line 65
It doesn't seem to hurt you. mthrowu.c, line 79
It burns! mthrowu.c, line 81
It is missed. mthrowu.c, line 160
Its flesh is seared! mthrowu.c, line 198
It is burned! mthrowu.c, line 207
Yecch! You've been creamed. mthrowu.c, line 397
Whang! mthrowu.c, line 810
Clink! mthrowu.c, line 814
Clonk! mthrowu.c, line 816
Unfortunately sound does not carry well through rock. cmd.c, line 492
Any special ability you may have is purely reflexive. cmd.c, line 495
Explore mode is for local games, not public servers. cmd.c, line 507
Beware! From explore mode there will be no return to normal game. cmd.c, line 511
Resuming normal game. cmd.c, line 532
Unavailable command '^W'. cmd.c, line 561
Unavailable command '^I'. cmd.c, line 570
Unavailable command '^F'. cmd.c, line 592
Unavailable command '^G'. cmd.c, line 601
Unavailable command '^O'. cmd.c, line 610
Unavailable command '^E'. cmd.c, line 619
Unavailable command '^V'. cmd.c, line 628
What a strange direction! cmd.c, line 3126
Where do you want to travel to? cmd.c, line 3490
No port-specific debug capability defined. cmd.c, line 3547
u_on_sstairs: picking random spot dungeon.c, line 1120
I've never heard of such monsters. polyself.c, line 251
But none arrive. polyself.c, line 920
A wave of psychic energy pours out. polyself.c, line 1083
Strangely, you feel better than before. polyself.c, line 1290
rooms not closed by -1? mkroom.c, line 138
What would you write? "Jonah was here"? engrave.c, line 496
Writing a poison pen letter?? engrave.c, line 834
but nothing happens. mhitm.c, line 453
An enormous ghost appears next to you! priest.c, line 390
enexto() called with mdat==0 teleport.c, line 120
A mysterious force prevents you from teleporting! teleport.c, line 407
Being unconscious, you cannot control your teleport. teleport.c, line 427
Sorry... teleport.c, line 448
This is a vault teleport, usable once only. teleport.c, line 466
Oops... teleport.c, line 600
Oops... teleport.c, line 607
An energized cloud of dust begins to coalesce. teleport.c, line 656
(In fact, you're on Cloud 9!) teleport.c, line 725
Unfortunately, you don't know how to fly. teleport.c, line 737
Sorry... teleport.c, line 788
Don't be ridiculous! wield.c, line 241
Don't be ridiculous! wield.c, line 296
Note: Please use #quit if you wish to exit the game. wield.c, line 344
That ammunition is already readied! wield.c, line 363
A voice booms out... wizard.c, line 514
Program in disorder - you should probably S)ave and reload the game. pline.c, line 346
(For instructions type a ?) do_name.c, line 149
Done. do_name.c, line 272
I see no monster there. do_name.c, line 370
However, you can squeeze yourself into a small opening. hack.c, line 295
You cannot pass through the bars. hack.c, line 566
It's a wall. hack.c, line 585
Ouch! You bump into a door. hack.c, line 612
That door is closed. hack.c, line 615
It's hard to walk in thin air. hack.c, line 918
Sting cuts through the web! hack.c, line 1198
that's strange, unknown mintrap result! hack.c, line 1367
Its blow glances off your helmet. hack.c, line 1542
Welcome to David's treasure zoo! hack.c, line 1750
But it's kind of slimy, so you drop it. hack.c, line 1853
Warning: no monster. makemon.c, line 894
rndmonst: no common mons! makemon.c, line 1224
Cannot open live log file! files.c, line 2594
An alarm sounds! shk.c, line 338
But no one seems to respond to it. shk.c, line 347
Pay whom? shk.c, line 1170
Try again... shk.c, line 1178
But you have some gold stashed away. shk.c, line 1236
But you have hidden gold! shk.c, line 1255
That debt is partially offset by your credit. shk.c, line 1400
Maybe you have some gold stashed away? shk.c, line 1432
Thank you, scum! shk.c, line 2654
Suddenly, the shop door reappears! shk.c, line 3098
Suddenly, the floor damage is gone! shk.c, line 3100
Suddenly, the trap is removed from the floor! shk.c, line 3102
Monsters sense the presence of you. detect.c, line 635
Oh wow... like a kaleidoscope! detect.c, line 847
Its mouth opens! detect.c, line 1117
What are you looking for? The exit? detect.c, line 1177
Using your camera underwater would void the warranty. apply.c, line 59
You've got the glop off. apply.c, line 145
Leash yourself? Very funny... apply.c, line 438
This leash is not attached to that creature. apply.c, line 474
Huh? That doesn't look like you! apply.c, line 632
But the sound is muffled. apply.c, line 760
But it makes no sound. apply.c, line 764
Things open around you... apply.c, line 840
Sorry, fire and water don't mix. apply.c, line 926
This is not a diving lamp. apply.c, line 1068
Sorry, I don't know how to use that. apply.c, line 1175
Rubbing the electric lamp is not particularly rewarding. apply.c, line 1198
Anyway, nothing exciting happens. apply.c, line 1199
You've got to be kidding! apply.c, line 1230
This calls for swimming, not jumping! apply.c, line 1237
Where do you want to jump? apply.c, line 1287
Illegal move! apply.c, line 1297
Too far! apply.c, line 1300
That's too insubstantial to tin. apply.c, line 1416
Nothing seems to happen. apply.c, line 1579
null figurine in fig_transform() apply.c, line 1607
You feel something shatter. apply.c, line 1877
Oh, wow, look at the pretty shards. apply.c, line 1879
Oh wow, man: Fractals! apply.c, line 1894
Why beat a dead horse? apply.c, line 2168
A monster is there that you couldn't see. apply.c, line 2246
Too far! apply.c, line 2399
Too close! apply.c, line 2402
Too far! apply.c, line 2505
A wall of force smashes down around you! apply.c, line 2676
In order to eat, use the 'e' command. apply.c, line 2936
Opening the tin will be much easier if you wield the tin opener. apply.c, line 2938
Sorry, I don't know how to use that. apply.c, line 3014
Do chunks miss? dbridge.c, line 463
Mon can't survive here dbridge.c, line 559
Jump succeeds! dbridge.c, line 580
Doing relocation. dbridge.c, line 607
Checking new square for occupancy. dbridge.c, line 615
Far out! Everything is all cosmic again! potion.c, line 185
Oh, bummer! Everything is dark! Help! potion.c, line 209
A cloud of darkness falls upon you. potion.c, line 211
This bottle turns out to be empty. potion.c, line 308
If you can't breathe air, how can you drink liquid? potion.c, line 332
Do you know what lives in this water! potion.c, line 355
Ulch! This makes you feel mediocre! potion.c, line 422
This tastes like water. potion.c, line 451
This burns like acid! potion.c, line 460
This burns like acid! potion.c, line 487
For some reason, you feel your presence is known. potion.c, line 549
Yecch! This stuff tastes like poison. potion.c, line 656
Fortunately, you have been immunized. potion.c, line 670
What a trippy feeling! potion.c, line 699
Huh, What? Where am I? potion.c, line 702
Ulch! That potion tasted foul! potion.c, line 710
It tasted bad. potion.c, line 771
Magical energies course through your body. potion.c, line 851
Ahh, a refreshing drink. potion.c, line 867
This tastes like castor oil. potion.c, line 875
That was smooth! potion.c, line 877
Ulch! That potion smells terrible! potion.c, line 1192
It suddenly gets dark. potion.c, line 1280
It boils vigorously! potion.c, line 1439
That is a potion bottle, not a Klein bottle! potion.c, line 1582
Nothing seems to happen. potion.c, line 1673
BOOM! They explode! potion.c, line 1684
Interesting... potion.c, line 1939
It turns out to be empty. potion.c, line 1952
These runes were just too much to comprehend. spell.c, line 130
Vlad's doppelganger is amused. spell.c, line 227
At least one of your artifacts is cursed... spell.c, line 246
Oh my! Your name appears in the book! spell.c, line 309
This spellbook is too faint to be read any more. spell.c, line 349
This spellbook is all blank. spell.c, line 405
It invokes nightmarish images in your mind... spell.c, line 730
You're joking! In this weather? spell.c, line 974
Where do you want to cast the spell? spell.c, line 979
A throne. objnam.c, line 2385
A sink. objnam.c, line 2393
A pool. objnam.c, line 2401
A pool of molten lava. objnam.c, line 2410
A grave. objnam.c, line 2438
A tree. objnam.c, line 2445
Iron bars. objnam.c, line 2453
Now you can cross it! do.c, line 90
It sinks without a trace! do.c, line 118
Splash! do.c, line 203
Plop! do.c, line 205
Several flies buzz angrily around the sink. do.c, line 293
Static electricity surrounds the sink. do.c, line 296
Several flies buzz around the sink. do.c, line 337
Unspeakable cruelty and harm lurk down there. do.c, line 812
So be it. do.c, line 815
NetHack is out of disk space for making levels! do.c, line 914
A mysterious force momentarily surrounds you... do.c, line 1009
A mysterious force prevents you from descending. do.c, line 1023
Probably someone removed it. do.c, line 1106
It is hot here. You smell smoke... do.c, line 1286
An alarm sounds! do.c, line 1346
A voice whispers: \"Thou hast been worthy of me!\" do.c, line 1398
An angel appears near you. do.c, line 1405
You've got the glop off. do.c, line 1616
Floating in the air, you miss wildly! dokick.c, line 172
It doesn't come loose. dokick.c, line 479
It comes loose. dokick.c, line 487
Thump! dokick.c, line 540
There's not enough room to kick down here. dokick.c, line 669
Crash! You kick open a secret passage! dokick.c, line 817
CRASH! You destroy it. dokick.c, line 836
CRASH! You destroy the throne. dokick.c, line 838
You've attracted the tree's former occupants! dokick.c, line 934
Klunk! The pipes vibrate noisily. dokick.c, line 951
Klunk! dokick.c, line 952
Ouch! That hurts! dokick.c, line 1001
Dumb move! You strain a muscle. dokick.c, line 1030
As you kick the door, it shatters to pieces! dokick.c, line 1055
As you kick the door, it crashes open! dokick.c, line 1059
WHAMMM!!! dokick.c, line 1091
It is destroyed! music.c, line 309
A chasm opens up under you! music.c, line 322
What you produce is quite far from music... music.c, line 380
Dump file not created. end.c, line 178
Dump file not created. end.c, line 253
But wait... end.c, line 818
Unfortunately you are still genocided... end.c, line 831
Cannot open data file! pager.c, line 314
? Seek error on 'data' file! pager.c, line 426
I don't have any information on those things. pager.c, line 441
Pick an object. pager.c, line 518
I've never heard of such things. pager.c, line 738
I can't see a trap there. pager.c, line 788
Cannot open data file! pager.c, line 803
I've never heard of such commands. pager.c, line 854
It reads: read.c, line 170
As you read the scroll, it disappears. read.c, line 216
Being so trippy, you screw up... read.c, line 219
This seems to be junk mail addressed to the finder of the Eye of Larn. read.c, line 746
This scroll seems to be blank. read.c, line 973
This is an identify scroll. read.c, line 1127
This is a charging scroll. read.c, line 1152
Wow! Modern art. read.c, line 1161
A map coalesces in your mind! read.c, line 1183
Unfortunately, you can't grasp the details. read.c, line 1189
As your mind turns inward on itself, you forget everything else. read.c, line 1199
Who was that Maud person anyway? read.c, line 1201
Thinking of Maud you forget everything else. read.c, line 1203
Fortunately, you are wearing a hard helmet. read.c, line 1336
Where do you want to center the cloud? read.c, line 1368
It seems even darker in here than before. read.c, line 1431
A lit field surrounds you! read.c, line 1461
All such monsters are already nonexistent. read.c, line 1562
That symbol does not represent any monster. read.c, line 1582
A thunderous voice booms through the caverns: read.c, line 1728
A ball and chain appears, then falls away. read.c, line 1829
I've never heard of such monsters. read.c, line 1929
Someone else has entered the Vault. vault.c, line 242
A mysterious force moves the gold into the vault. vault.c, line 427
Water turbulence affects your movements. mkmaze.c, line 1087
Saddle yourself? Very funny... steed.c, line 65
I see nobody there. steed.c, line 71
Shame on you! steed.c, line 92
Maybe you should find a designated driver. steed.c, line 207
I see nobody there. steed.c, line 245
It felt good to get out of the rain. steed.c, line 519
Be careful! New moon tonight. allmain.c, line 106
Watch out! Bad things can happen on Friday the 13th. allmain.c, line 110
Wait! There's a hidden monster there! uhitm.c, line 180
Splat! uhitm.c, line 815
Some hell-p has arrived! uhitm.c, line 1193
Unfortunately, digesting any of it is fatal. uhitm.c, line 1786
A hail of magic missiles narrowly misses you! uhitm.c, line 2243
A trap door opens up under you! trap.c, line 342
There's a gaping hole under you! trap.c, line 344
An arrow shoots out at you! trap.c, line 645
A little dart shoots out at you! trap.c, line 672
Fortunately, you are wearing a hard helmet. trap.c, line 714
A board beneath you squeaks loudly. trap.c, line 741
A cloud of gas puts you to sleep! trap.c, line 788
Fortunately it has a bottom after all... trap.c, line 900
How pitiful. Isn't that the pits? trap.c, line 904
Click! You trigger a rolling boulder trap! trap.c, line 1169
Fortunately for you, no boulder was released. trap.c, line 1174
Suddenly the rolling boulder disappears! trap.c, line 1455
How pitiful. Isn't that the pits? trap.c, line 1956
Kaablamm! You hear an explosion in the distance! trap.c, line 2104
It feels as though you've lost some weight. trap.c, line 2259
Up, up, and awaaaay! You're walking on air! trap.c, line 2270
Its contents fall out. trap.c, line 2627
A potion explodes! trap.c, line 2728
In desperation, you drop your purse. trap.c, line 2798
But you aren't drowning. trap.c, line 2874
Pheew! That was close. trap.c, line 2943
But in vain. trap.c, line 2948
You're still drowning. trap.c, line 2958
You're too strained to do that. trap.c, line 2988
And just how do you expect to do that? trap.c, line 2992
Whoops... trap.c, line 3129
Try filling the pit instead. trap.c, line 3478
This door is safely open. trap.c, line 3564
This door is broken. trap.c, line 3567
This door was not trapped. trap.c, line 3594
Suddenly you are frozen in place! trap.c, line 3749
What a groovy feeling! trap.c, line 3763
You're still burning. trap.c, line 3997
Batteries have not been invented yet. timeout.c, line 729
Kaboom!!! Boom!! Boom!! timeout.c, line 1222
Startled, you drop the iron ball. ball.c, line 20
Fortunately, you are wearing a hard helmet. ball.c, line 36
Saved game was not yours. restore.c, line 370
Be seeing you... restore.c, line 530
Strange, this map is not as I remember it. restore.c, line 715
Somebody is trying some trickery here... restore.c, line 716
This game is void. restore.c, line 717
set_wall_type: wall mode problems with: display.c, line 1914
Saving... save.c, line 73
Probably someone removed it. save.c, line 387
Eating that is instantly fatal. eat.c, line 497
Yum! That was real brain food! eat.c, line 908
For some reason, that tasted bland. eat.c, line 914
It turns out to be empty. eat.c, line 1040
It contains spinach. eat.c, line 1104
It is not so easy to open this tin. eat.c, line 1171
Everything suddenly goes dark. eat.c, line 1209
It doesn't seem at all sickening, though... eat.c, line 1265
Ecch - that must have been poisonous! eat.c, line 1291
That tripe ration was surprisingly good! eat.c, line 1390
Yak - dog food! eat.c, line 1395
Segmentation fault -- core dumped. eat.c, line 1430
Bus error -- core dumped. eat.c, line 1432
Yo' mama -- core dumped. eat.c, line 1433
Delicious! Must be a Macintosh! eat.c, line 1439
Ugh. Rotten egg. eat.c, line 1443
Suddenly you can see yourself. eat.c, line 1498
Yabba-dabba delicious! eat.c, line 1639
If you can't breathe air, how can you consume solids? eat.c, line 1875
This ring is indigestible! eat.c, line 1932
Ecch - that must have been poisonous! eat.c, line 1971
You're having a hard time getting all of it down. eat.c, line 2203


You need hands to be able to write! write.c, line 84
You are hit by a shower of missiles! mcastu.c, line 288
You seem no deader than before. mcastu.c, line 335
You have an out of body experience. mcastu.c, line 338
You suddenly feel weaker! mcastu.c, line 406
You stiffen briefly. mcastu.c, line 602
You are frozen in place! mcastu.c, line 606
You suddenly realize it is unnaturally quiet. sounds.c, line 170
You freeze for a moment. sounds.c, line 633
You discover that your other head makes boring conversation. sounds.c, line 895
You lose magical energy! artifact.c, line 837
You absorb magical energy! artifact.c, line 846
You are surrounded by a shimmering sphere! artifact.c, line 1325
You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes. mon.c, line 1718
You murderer! mon.c, line 1871
You are not harmed. muse.c, line 1468
You spot a gem in the sparkling waters! fountain.c, line 139
You feel transparent. fountain.c, line 294
You feel very self-conscious. fountain.c, line 296
You see an image of someone stalking you. fountain.c, line 300
You lost some of your gold in the fountain! fountain.c, line 448
You lost some of your money in the fountain! fountain.c, line 467
You take a sip of very cold water. fountain.c, line 520
You take a sip of very warm water. fountain.c, line 522
You take a sip of scalding hot water. fountain.c, line 524
You find a ring in the sink! fountain.c, line 558
You undergo a freakish metamorphosis! fountain.c, line 583
You are unharmed! explode.c, line 318
You are standing at the top of a stairwell leading down! mklev.c, line 1461
You have no money. rumors.c, line 310
You don't even have enough money for that! rumors.c, line 327
You are jerked back by your pet! dig.c, line 580
You fall through... dig.c, line 603
You disturb the honorable dead! dig.c, line 776
You have violated the sanctity of this grave! dig.c, line 779
You unearth a corpse. dig.c, line 785
You don't have enough leverage. dig.c, line 879
You need an axe to cut down a tree. dig.c, line 925
You need a pick to dig rock. dig.c, line 927
You attempt a teleport spell. dig.c, line 1518
You are physically incapable of picking anything up. pickup.c, line 436
You rebalance your load. Movement is difficult. pickup.c, line 1461
You rebalance your load. Movement is still difficult. pickup.c, line 1477
You carefully open the bag... pickup.c, line 1565
You have no hands. pickup.c, line 1599
You need to dig up the grave to effectively loot it... pickup.c, line 1731
You have to be at a container to loot it. pickup.c, line 1765
You must be kidding. pickup.c, line 1883
You have no hands! pickup.c, line 2192
You must put it down to unlock. pickup.c, line 2200
You don't have anything to put in. pickup.c, line 2256
You don't have anything to put in. pickup.c, line 2324
You cannot lock an open door. lock.c, line 92
You give up your attempt to force the lock. lock.c, line 140
You give up your attempt to force the lock. lock.c, line 156
You succeed in forcing the lock. lock.c, line 165
You cannot lock an open door. lock.c, line 390
You resume your attempt to force the lock. lock.c, line 460
You decide not to force the issue. lock.c, line 495
You are in the way! lock.c, line 627
You cannot throw an object at yourself. dothrow.c, line 91
You are physically incapable of throwing anything. dothrow.c, line 207
You are physically incapable of doing that. dothrow.c, line 294
You have no ammunition readied! dothrow.c, line 302
You have nothing appropriate for your quiver! dothrow.c, line 310
You fill your quiver: dothrow.c, line 313
You crash into some iron bars. Ouch! dothrow.c, line 485
You smack into something! dothrow.c, line 496
You come to an abrupt halt! dothrow.c, line 522
You turn to stone. dothrow.c, line 819
You smell a peculiar odor... dothrow.c, line 1582
You cannot throw gold at yourself. dothrow.c, line 1716
You cough and spit blood! region.c, line 914
You cough! region.c, line 918
You notice you have no gold! sit.c, line 15
You notice you have no money! sit.c, line 32
You tumble in place. sit.c, line 55
You are sitting on air. sit.c, line 57
You sit down on a spike. Ouch! sit.c, line 81
You sit down in the pit. sit.c, line 85
You sit in the spider web and get entangled further! sit.c, line 88
You sit in the lava! sit.c, line 92
You sit down. sit.c, line 100
You sit down on the muddy bottom. sit.c, line 107
You sit in the water. sit.c, line 110
You are granted an insight! sit.c, line 253
You don't have enough energy to lay an egg. sit.c, line 289
You lay an egg. sit.c, line 300
You can breathe again. pray.c, line 291
You are back on solid ground. pray.c, line 296
You fry to a crisp. pray.c, line 544
You are not standing on an altar. pray.c, line 1128
You find the idea very satisfying. pray.c, line 1169
You are terrified, and unable to move. pray.c, line 1208
You have a sudden sense of a new direction. pray.c, line 1366
You have a feeling of inadequacy. pray.c, line 1442
You realize that the gods are not like you and I. pray.c, line 1456
You have a hopeful feeling. pray.c, line 1458
You have a feeling of reconciliation. pray.c, line 1464
You are surrounded by a shimmering light. pray.c, line 1594
You don't know how to turn undead! pray.c, line 1674
You get released! monmove.c, line 220
You sense a faint wave of psychic energy. monmove.c, line 411
You see a door unlock and open. monmove.c, line 1078
You see a door open. monmove.c, line 1095
You see a door crash open. monmove.c, line 1113
You are not carrying any gold. invent.c, line 1053
You can only throw one item at a time. invent.c, line 1112
You don't have that object. invent.c, line 1125
You are not wearing any armor. invent.c, line 1343
You are not wielding anything. invent.c, line 1347
You are not wearing rings. invent.c, line 1350
You are not wearing an amulet. invent.c, line 1353
You are not wearing a blindfold. invent.c, line 1356
You have no gold. invent.c, line 1366
You have already identified all of your possessions. invent.c, line 1600
You aren't carrying anything. invent.c, line 2597
You are not carrying any unpaid objects. invent.c, line 2672
You have no such objects. invent.c, line 2680
You try to feel what is here. invent.c, line 2807
You are not wearing any armor. invent.c, line 3045
You are not wearing any rings. invent.c, line 3073
You are not wearing an amulet. invent.c, line 3090
You are not using any tools. invent.c, line 3121
You are not wearing or wielding anything. invent.c, line 3139
You wrest one last charge from the worn-out wand. zap.c, line 1760
You bash yourself! zap.c, line 1893
You shock yourself! zap.c, line 1904
You zap yourself, but seem unharmed. zap.c, line 1909
You explode a fireball on top of yourself! zap.c, line 1922
You imitate a popsicle! zap.c, line 1952
You speed up. zap.c, line 2018
You don't feel sleepy! zap.c, line 2032
You irradiate yourself with pure energy! zap.c, line 2063
You die. zap.c, line 2064
You shudder in dread. zap.c, line 2078
You skillfully catch the boomerang. zap.c, line 2886
You don't feel hot! zap.c, line 3093
You don't feel cold. zap.c, line 3108
You don't feel sleepy. zap.c, line 3118
You are not disintegrated. zap.c, line 3126
You seem unaffected. zap.c, line 3146
You aren't affected. zap.c, line 3150
You aren't affected. zap.c, line 3162
You pass through the now-solid rock. zap.c, line 3660
You are firmly stuck in the cooling rock. zap.c, line 3664
You aren't hurt! zap.c, line 3938
You may wish for an object. zap.c, line 4106
You walk very quietly. do_wear.c, line 124
You sure are noisy. do_wear.c, line 173
You don't feel like yourself. do_wear.c, line 617
You suddenly inhale an unhealthy amount of water! do_wear.c, line 664
You can breathe more easily! do_wear.c, line 672
You can see! do_wear.c, line 938
You still cannot see. do_wear.c, line 963
You can see again. do_wear.c, line 973
You are not wearing that. do_wear.c, line 1097
You are not wearing that. do_wear.c, line 1150
You cannot wear a shield while wielding two weapons. do_wear.c, line 1329
You have no feet... do_wear.c, line 1338
You narrowly avoid losing all chance at your goal. do_wear.c, line 1441
You are suddenly overcome with shame and change your mind. do_wear.c, line 1443
You cannot make the ring stick to your body. do_wear.c, line 1509
You cannot remove your gloves to put on the ring. do_wear.c, line 1542
You cannot free your weapon hands to put on the ring. do_wear.c, line 1547
You cannot free your weapon hand to put on the ring. do_wear.c, line 1552
You no longer have a second weapon readied. do_wear.c, line 1900
You no longer have ammunition readied. do_wear.c, line 1904
You are not wearing anything. do_wear.c, line 2051
You get a bad feeling about this. dog.c, line 107
You slow down. mhitu.c, line 141
You get regurgitated! mhitu.c, line 227
You roast! mhitu.c, line 987
You get zapped! mhitu.c, line 1019
You are put to sleep! mhitu.c, line 1035
You don't seem harmed. mhitu.c, line 1066
You momentarily stiffen. mhitu.c, line 1124
You are frozen! mhitu.c, line 1126
You turn to stone... mhitu.c, line 1212
You are being crushed. mhitu.c, line 1251
You rust! mhitu.c, line 1354
You rot! mhitu.c, line 1371
You are getting even more confused. mhitu.c, line 1483
You are getting confused. mhitu.c, line 1484
You are unaffected. mhitu.c, line 1536
You don't feel very well. mhitu.c, line 1539
You are pummeled with debris! mhitu.c, line 1730
You are covered with a seemingly harmless goo. mhitu.c, line 1736
You are covered in slime! It burns! mhitu.c, line 1740
You seem unhurt. mhitu.c, line 1761
You are freezing to death! mhitu.c, line 1774
You are burning to a crisp! mhitu.c, line 1784
You duck some of the blast. mhitu.c, line 1847
You get blasted! mhitu.c, line 1850
You are blinded by a blast of light! mhitu.c, line 1863
You get the impression it was not terribly bright. mhitu.c, line 1867
You are caught in a blast of kaleidoscopic light! mhitu.c, line 1879
You seem unaffected by it. mhitu.c, line 1889
You turn to stone... mhitu.c, line 1946
You are getting more and more confused. mhitu.c, line 1963
You are down in the dumps. mhitu.c, line 2297
You have a curious feeling... mhitu.c, line 2312
You explode! mhitu.c, line 2523
You are hit! mthrowu.c, line 69
You shriek. cmd.c, line 490
You don't have a special ability in your normal form! cmd.c, line 496
You are now in non-scoring explore mode. cmd.c, line 527
You are already that experienced. cmd.c, line 660
You are already as inexperienced as you can get. cmd.c, line 663
You are already as experienced as you can get. cmd.c, line 671
You would never recognize another one. cmd.c, line 1653
You cannot polymorph into that. polyself.c, line 256
You merge with your scaly armor. polyself.c, line 271
You turn to stone! polyself.c, line 390
You no longer seem to be petrifying. polyself.c, line 408
You no longer feel sick. polyself.c, line 412
You slip out of the iron chain. polyself.c, line 545
You orient yourself on the web. polyself.c, line 558
You break out of your armor! polyself.c, line 578
You seep right through your shirt! polyself.c, line 617
You become much too small for your shirt! polyself.c, line 618
You can no longer hold your shield! polyself.c, line 651
You don't have enough energy to breathe! polyself.c, line 749
You are not chained to anything! polyself.c, line 783
You must be on the ground to spin a web. polyself.c, line 797
You cannot spin webs while stuck in a trap. polyself.c, line 838
You spin a web, covering up the pit. polyself.c, line 844
You make the web thicker. polyself.c, line 858
You spin a web, jamming the trigger. polyself.c, line 868
You have triggered a trap! polyself.c, line 883
You lack the energy to send forth a call for help! polyself.c, line 911
You call upon your brethren for help! polyself.c, line 917
You lack the energy to use your special gaze! polyself.c, line 950
You turn to stone... polyself.c, line 1039
You gaze at no place in particular. polyself.c, line 1047
You are already hiding. polyself.c, line 1057
You concentrate but lack the energy to maintain doing so. polyself.c, line 1076
You concentrate. polyself.c, line 1082
You see a message scrawled in blood here. engrave.c, line 347
You disturb the undead! engrave.c, line 558
You wipe out the message here. engrave.c, line 812
You will overwrite the current message. engrave.c, line 943
You damage it, you pay for it! engrave.c, line 1061
You are blinded by the flash! engrave.c, line 1126
You experience a strange sense of peace. priest.c, line 375
You have an eerie feeling... priest.c, line 379
You sense a presence close by! priest.c, line 391
You are frightened to death, and unable to move. priest.c, line 395
You haven't discovered anything yet... o_init.c, line 419
You don't know that spell. teleport.c, line 496
You are not able to teleport at will. teleport.c, line 497
You cease to exist. teleport.c, line 650
You arrive in heaven. teleport.c, line 719
You are now high above the clouds... teleport.c, line 728
You plummet a few thousand feet to your death. teleport.c, line 738
You activated a magic portal! teleport.c, line 823
You are momentarily blinded by a flash of light. teleport.c, line 873
You are momentarily disoriented. teleport.c, line 875
You have an uneasy feeling about wielding cold iron. wield.c, line 187
You are already wielding that! wield.c, line 250
You cannot wield that! wield.c, line 272
You have no secondary weapon readied. wield.c, line 321
You now have no ammunition readied. wield.c, line 356
You already have no ammunition readied! wield.c, line 359
You cannot ready that! wield.c, line 375
You switch to your primary weapon. wield.c, line 530
You begin two-weapon combat. wield.c, line 539
You can no longer use two weapons at once. wield.c, line 589
You would never recognize it anyway. do_name.c, line 337
You would never recognize another one. do_name.c, line 585
You eat the boulder. hack.c, line 363
You wobble unsteadily for a moment. hack.c, line 456
You crash to the floor! hack.c, line 465
You ooze under the door. hack.c, line 595
You try to ooze under the door, but can't squeeze your possessions through. hack.c, line 602
You cannot pass that way. hack.c, line 640
You are carrying too much to get through. hack.c, line 650
You don't have enough stamina to move. hack.c, line 895
You collapse under your load. hack.c, line 898
You tumble in place. hack.c, line 912
You pass out from exertion! hack.c, line 1090
You pull yourself to the edge of the lava. hack.c, line 1190
You disentangle yourself. hack.c, line 1219
You finally wiggle free. hack.c, line 1242
You pop into an air bubble. hack.c, line 1473
You pop out of the water like a cork! hack.c, line 1483
You fly out of the water. hack.c, line 1485
You slowly rise above the surface. hack.c, line 1487
You enter an opulent throne room! hack.c, line 1758
You enter a leprechaun hall! hack.c, line 1761
You have an uncanny feeling... hack.c, line 1768
You enter a giant beehive! hack.c, line 1771
You enter a disgusting nest! hack.c, line 1774
You enter an anthole! hack.c, line 1777
You enter a military barracks! hack.c, line 1784
You enter an abandoned barracks. hack.c, line 1786
You cannot dive into the water to pick things up. hack.c, line 1866
You would burn to a crisp trying to pick things up. hack.c, line 1880
You cannot reach the bottom of the pit. hack.c, line 1907
You die... hack.c, line 2161
You have no room for the money! shk.c, line 146
You escaped the shop without paying! shk.c, line 484
You have no credit or debt in here. shk.c, line 680
You have no credit in here. shk.c, line 696
You don't owe any money here. shk.c, line 701
You are generous to yourself. shk.c, line 1182
You pay that debt. shk.c, line 1387
You pay the remainder. shk.c, line 1401
You got that for free! shk.c, line 2149
You got that for free! shk.c, line 2266
You have no credit remaining. shk.c, line 2545
You sense the presence of monsters. detect.c, line 633
You are unaffected! detect.c, line 814
You grok some groovy globs of incandescent lava. detect.c, line 835
You see goldfish swimming above fluorescent rocks. detect.c, line 843
You see tiny snowflakes spinning around a miniature farmhouse. detect.c, line 845
You may look for an object or monster symbol. detect.c, line 856
You see the Wizard of Yendor gazing out at you. detect.c, line 903
You cannot use it while you're wearing it! apply.c, line 99
You produce a high-pitched humming noise. apply.c, line 327
You cannot leash any more pets. apply.c, line 424
You pull on the leash. apply.c, line 586
You stiffen momentarily under your gaze. apply.c, line 628
You don't have a reflection. apply.c, line 630
You (look_str, "peaked apply.c, line 637
You (look_str, "undernourished apply.c, line 639
You cannot make fire under water. apply.c, line 868
You snuff the lit potion. apply.c, line 1124
You see a puff of smoke. apply.c, line 1194
You bounce around a little. apply.c, line 1227
You swish around a little. apply.c, line 1234
You flail around a little. apply.c, line 1253
You don't have enough traction to jump. apply.c, line 1256
You are carrying too much to jump! apply.c, line 1259
You lack the strength to jump! apply.c, line 1262
You cannot see where to land! apply.c, line 1303
You cannot jump there! apply.c, line 1306
You rip yourself free of the bear trap! Ouch! apply.c, line 1316
You leap from the pit! apply.c, line 1322
You tear the web apart as you pull yourself free! apply.c, line 1325
You pull yourself above the lava! apply.c, line 1329
You seem to be out of tins. apply.c, line 1387
You don't have enough room in here. apply.c, line 1692
You cannot put the figurine there. apply.c, line 1698
You cannot fit the figurine on the boulder. apply.c, line 1711
You must think this is a wetstone, do you? apply.c, line 1930
You yank yourself out of the pit! apply.c, line 2232
You snap your whip through thin air. apply.c, line 2349
You give yourself a facial. apply.c, line 2446
You hook yourself! apply.c, line 2585
You have no tin to open. apply.c, line 2931
You cannot open a tin without eating or discarding its contents. apply.c, line 2934
You tumble towards the closed portcullis! dbridge.c, line 684
You pass through it! dbridge.c, line 686
You have converted. quest.c, line 121
You wobble in the saddle. potion.c, line 89
You can see again. potion.c, line 187
You are frightened to death, and unable to move. potion.c, line 318
You pass out. potion.c, line 510
You have an uneasy feeling... potion.c, line 518
You can see through yourself, but you are visible! potion.c, line 588
You stiffen momentarily. potion.c, line 595
You are motionlessly suspended. potion.c, line 598
You are frozen in place! potion.c, line 601
You yawn. potion.c, line 613
You suddenly fall asleep! potion.c, line 615
You are shocked back to your senses! potion.c, line 692

{{/pline|file=potion.c|line=763|you=(riseup, ceiling(u.ux,; {{/pline|file=potion.c|line=773|you=(riseup, ceiling(u.ux,;

You have an uneasy feeling. potion.c, line 777
You have a momentary vision. potion.c, line 1238
You stiffen momentarily. potion.c, line 1261
You yawn. potion.c, line 1270
You are caught in the explosion! potion.c, line 1440
You dilute it, you pay for it. potion.c, line 1449
You erase it, you pay for it. potion.c, line 1476
You erase it, you pay for it. potion.c, line 1497
You use it, you pay for it. potion.c, line 1899
You smell acrid fumes. potion.c, line 1960
You accidentally tear the spellbook to pieces. spell.c, line 189
You turn the pages of the Book of the Dead... spell.c, line 210
You raised the dead! spell.c, line 268
You continue your efforts to memorize the spell. spell.c, line 401
You don't know any spells right now. spell.c, line 545
You don't know that spell. spell.c, line 572
You strain to recall the spell. spell.c, line 734
You are too hungry to cast that spell. spell.c, line 741
You lack the strength to cast spells. spell.c, line 744
You don't have enough energy to cast that spell. spell.c, line 759
You fail to cast the spell correctly. spell.c, line 801
You are no longer ill. spell.c, line 928
You had better wait for the sun to come out. spell.c, line 976
You don't know any spells right now. spell.c, line 1032
You find yourself on dry land again! do.c, line 109
You don't see anything happen to the sink. do.c, line 353
You see the ring slide right down the drain! do.c, line 356
You see some air in the sink. do.c, line 359
You are standing at the gate to Gehennom. do.c, line 811
You are held back by your pet! do.c, line 820
You are held back by your pet! do.c, line 875
You can save, quit, or continue playing. do.c, line 915
You climb up the ladder. do.c, line 1154
You climb down the ladder. do.c, line 1189
You arrive at the Valley of the Dead... do.c, line 1280
You enter what seems to be an older, more primitive world. do.c, line 1323
You penetrated a high security area! do.c, line 1345
You turn to stone... dokick.c, line 440
You break open the lock! dokick.c, line 515
You have no legs to kick with. dokick.c, line 631
You are too small to do any kicking. dokick.c, line 634
You have nothing to brace yourself against. dokick.c, line 723
You splash some water around. dokick.c, line 773
You kick loose some ornamental coins and gems! dokick.c, line 853
You smell stale honey. dokick.c, line 936
You see a ring shining in its midst. dokick.c, line 984
You kick at empty space. dokick.c, line 1027
You kick the door. dokick.c, line 1050
You don't fall in! music.c, line 323
You fall into a chasm! music.c, line 325
You produce soft music. music.c, line 389
You produce a frightful, grave sound. music.c, line 422
You produce a heavy, thunderous rolling! music.c, line 451
You beat a deafening row! music.c, line 460
You die... end.c, line 385
You are a very tricky wizard, it seems. end.c, line 797
You vomit ... end.c, line 822
You break up the cookie and throw away the pieces. read.c, line 52
You have a feeling of loss. read.c, line 510
You don't remember there being any magic words on this scroll. read.c, line 971
You have found a scroll of genocide! read.c, line 1088
You identify this as an identify scroll. read.c, line 1125
You have found a scroll of stinking cloud! read.c, line 1366
You smell rotten eggs. read.c, line 1376
You are surrounded by darkness! read.c, line 1438
You aren't permitted to genocide such monsters. read.c, line 1565
You die. read.c, line 1608
You die. read.c, line 1623
You are being punished for your misbehavior! read.c, line 1822
You are encased in rock. vault.c, line 57
You have no hands! steed.c, line 52
You won't fit on a saddle. steed.c, line 232
You are stuck here for now. steed.c, line 253
You can't. There isn't anywhere for you to stand. steed.c, line 512
You are lucky! Full moon tonight. allmain.c, line 103
You pass out from exertion! allmain.c, line 279
You sink below the surface and die. allmain.c, line 382
You caitiff! uhitm.c, line 242
You dishonorably attack the innocent! uhitm.c, line 262
You have no way to attack monsters physically. uhitm.c, line 372
You dishonorably use a poisoned weapon! uhitm.c, line 932
You hit it. uhitm.c, line 1031
You chuckle. uhitm.c, line 1480
You suck in some slime and don't feel very well. uhitm.c, line 1541
You destroy it! uhitm.c, line 1665
You explode! uhitm.c, line 1681
You miss it. uhitm.c, line 1944
You are splashed! uhitm.c, line 2178
You turn to stone... uhitm.c, line 2212
You are hit by magic missiles appearing from thin air! uhitm.c, line 2245
You momentarily stiffen. uhitm.c, line 2296
You are suddenly very cold! uhitm.c, line 2312
You are suddenly very hot! uhitm.c, line 2334
You are jolted with electricity! uhitm.c, line 2345


You notice a crease in the linoleum. trap.c, line 735
You notice a loose board below you. trap.c, line 737
You howl in anger! trap.c, line 777
You are enveloped in a cloud of gas! trap.c, line 785
You are covered with rust! trap.c, line 801
You don't fall in! trap.c, line 874
You are caught in a magical explosion! trap.c, line 1063
You smell smoke. trap.c, line 1934
You turn to stone... trap.c, line 2171
You float up, out of the pit! trap.c, line 2247
You gain control over your movements. trap.c, line 2272
You start to float in the air! trap.c, line 2274
You begin to tumble in place. trap.c, line 2364
You fall over. trap.c, line 2391
You are uninjured. trap.c, line 2443
You are uninjured. trap.c, line 2471
You smell paper burning. trap.c, line 2482
You are momentarily blinded by a flash of light! trap.c, line 2499
You see a flash of light! trap.c, line 2503
You smell smoke. trap.c, line 2677
You rust! trap.c, line 2857
You touch bottom. trap.c, line 2879
You attempt a teleport spell. trap.c, line 2894
You try to crawl out of the water. trap.c, line 2939
You dump some of your gear to lose weight... trap.c, line 2941
You drown. trap.c, line 2951
You repair the squeaky board. trap.c, line 3262
You are already on the edge of the pit. trap.c, line 3474
You disarm it! trap.c, line 3525
You cannot disable that trap. trap.c, line 3553
You know of no traps there. trap.c, line 3555
You find a trap on the door! trap.c, line 3575
You set it off! trap.c, line 3583
You disarm it! trap.c, line 3591
You find no traps on the door. trap.c, line 3597
You are jolted by a surge of electricity! trap.c, line 3733
You don't seem to be affected. trap.c, line 3736
You momentarily stiffen. trap.c, line 3753
You fall into the lava! trap.c, line 3950
You burn to a crisp... trap.c, line 3994
You sink into the lava, but it only burns slightly! trap.c, line 4007
You die from your illness. timeout.c, line 250
You fall asleep. timeout.c, line 313
You make a lot of noise! timeout.c, line 339
You flounder. timeout.c, line 673
You stumble. timeout.c, line 676
You let go of the reins. timeout.c, line 687
You bang into the saddle-horn. timeout.c, line 690
You slide to one side of the saddle. timeout.c, line 693
You see a lantern getting dim. timeout.c, line 732
You see a burning potion of oil go out. timeout.c, line 804
You see a lantern run out of power. timeout.c, line 865
You are jerked back by the iron ball! ball.c, line 581
You lose your grip on the iron ball. ball.c, line 764
You were not healthy enough to survive restoration. restore.c, line 394
You refuse. minion.c, line 226
You get released! dogmove.c, line 574
You choke, but recover your composure. eat.c, line 243
You stuff yourself and then vomit voluminously. eat.c, line 246
You choke over it. eat.c, line 270
You die... eat.c, line 273
You have a bad feeling deep inside. eat.c, line 449
You will regret this! eat.c, line 450
You turn to stone. eat.c, line 470
You don't feel very well. eat.c, line 513
You seem slower. eat.c, line 886
You seem faster. eat.c, line 889
You give up your attempt to open the tin. eat.c, line 1026
You succeed in opening the tin. eat.c, line 1037
You discard the open tin. eat.c, line 1065
You discard the open tin. eat.c, line 1110
You bite right into the metal tin... eat.c, line 1139
You cannot handle the tin properly to open it. eat.c, line 1142
You have a very bad case of stomach acid. eat.c, line 1287
You seem unaffected by the poison. eat.c, line 1295
You cannot eat that! eat.c, line 1897
You seem unaffected by the poison. eat.c, line 1976
You resume your meal. eat.c, line 1994
You faint from lack of food. eat.c, line 2321
You die from starvation. eat.c, line 2333
You die from hunger and exhaustion. eat.c, line 2385