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I know there was talk of having both Z's presence on a level, as well as her level itself both impact the chances of corpses going moldy - is that actually implemented, and if so, what are the stats?

It is implemented.

Base moldy chance is 1/19900 chance for 200 turns ~ 1% chance

Z xor Z's home level is 1/290 chance for 200 turns ~ 50% chance

Z and Z's home level is 1/87 chance for 200 turns ~ 90% chance

Jubliex's rot-to-slime and Orcus's rise-as-a-shade are the same, but with a base chance of 0.

If she is not there, Pale Night's level has the ~50% chance of things rising as zombies. Pale Night or a Dread Seraph being on any level causes the full ~90% chance of rising as a zombie.

---Chris (talk) 18:03, 19 September 2016 (UTC)


VoR slew Demogorgon! Similar secrets to the slaying of Demon Queen Lamashtu -- the first part was done passively by having Eden bound. It helped to be a level 30 Monk and have sickness resistance. Pick up a stack of old robes from Moloch's Temples -- at least 4 were rent to pieces. Have about 700 HP and several "oLS mainly for the reassurance. Branchport into a small map -- Sokoban. Chase Demogorgon up to the top floor and there is nowhere further to run. Wikid (talk) 08:24, 13 October 2016 (UTC)