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Sir (or ma'am), your grammar and clarity edits are excellent, and thank your for adding those.

However, could you please exercise more restraint when deleting huge blocks of content from the wiki? For something like #adjust, your edit ( removed a ton of information that might be obvious to you, but was invaluable to me when I was a new player.

nethackwiki is meant to be a spoiler and guide for new players, and this sort of "extra text" that you delete is really useful for someone who might not realize their bad habits are making it harder to play the game. NeonKow (talk) 22:31, 14 December 2015 (UTC)

I don't think that "small articles are inherently bad", but if you think a suggestion is silly, I'd rather you improve the suggestion than simply remove it.

Besides, if you "trust the reader to be inventive enough to figure out which letter she prefers to use for which item", then the silliness of "Y" for a stethoscope shouldn't matter. If someone chooses to be insulted by a list of suggestions, that's their own fault; it's easy enough to skip over. You should trust the reader to do that more than you trust them to figure out habits might not come naturally to them. Finally, don't forget that some people are more visual, so the suggestion of "Y" for a stethoscope makes sense, and I believe that the suggestions are a good mix of different kinds of mnemonics (visual, sound, verbal, in-game references, defaults, etc) that serve as inspiration.

I absolutely disagree that suggestions themselves don't contribute to the wiki at all. The tone of nethackwiki is one of casual conversation that reflects the community's rgrn roots and the fact that the only other repository of knowledge we have in such a small community is IRC, which is inherently transient. You simply cannot aggressively chop information (if it doesn't hit a standard you like) when the number of contributors is so small and so many of us are on different timezones.

The wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia, not a novel to be read through cover to cover. You do not need to keep it so aggressively lean that you cut actual information, and please don't assume that other people can figure things out because you did. Not everyone learns the same way, and I'm sure there is information in the wiki I never needed (and could have chopped) that you have found useful.

As for the #version changes, I apologize for reverting your changes to the summary of the article, and I should be more careful in the future. That was unintentional. However, I will not be weighing text "by how useful information is", because, honestly, that's a very Nooodl-centric way of looking at things. Again, what is useful to you is not universal; not everyone might have access to nethack while they're looking at the wiki.

Someone contributed their time putting text in these articles, sometimes experimenting and source-diving for just a few lines, and you should be more respectful of that. I'm sure they would feel the same way you did when I removed the work you put into #version.

NeonKow (talk) 13:54, 15 December 2015 (UTC)

Welcome, Nooodl!


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