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Wait! is the beginning of several messages relating to attempting to walk where a previously unnoticed monster is hiding. These include:

  • Wait! That's a foo! - for mimics (and the Wizard of Yendor's clone after using Double Trouble)
    • Also seen as The door actually was a foo! and The gold was a foo! for mimics in those forms.
  • Wait! There's a foo hiding under <an item>! - for spiders, snakes, and other monsters capable of hiding under items
    • Also seen as Wait! There's a hidden monster there! if the monster is a sea monster hiding in water.
  • Wait! There's something there you can't see! - for invisible monsters, or if you are blind.

These messages also humorously appear when you are polymorphed into a monster capable of one of the first two forms of hiding (or after eating a mimic corpse); in this case, it will address the monster attempting to walk where you are hiding (Wait, foo! That gold is really a <role> named <player>!).

There is also a demonic malediction that says Wait! I shall polymorph into a grid bug to give thee a fighting chance!

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