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Weapon practice is a technique in SLASH'EM, given to Valkyries and Undead Slayers at level 1. It allows you to train skills and identify the enchantment on your wielded weapon.

This technique adds 10 hits to your counter for enhancing your skill with that weapon. A random number from 1 to 15 is rolled; If it is less than your intelligence, you discover the weapon's enchantment.

Weapon practice is most useful in the beginning of the game where your HP may be too low to safely gain skill with a new weapon, or to practice a weapon you start with to get disarm as early as possible, to get the maximum possible techlevel for disarm.

This technique can be abused using the LIMIT mechanic: get your own HP low enough to trigger LIMIT and use it repeatedly to identify all your weapons and maximize your skill with anything you have.

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