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Microsoft Windows (often simply called Windows) is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It has been the most-used operating system on desktop PCs for decades.

Early versions of Windows were based on MS-DOS, and ran the MS-DOS builds of NetHack. There have been separate builds of NetHack for Windows proper since at least NetHack 3.1.1.

Support for tiles began with NetHack 3.2.0. Since that version, the Windows version of NetHack has offered two binaries. NetHack.exe launches a TTY mode application and NetHackW.exe launches the tiled version. Since NetHack 3.6.3, the Windows version of NetHack has offered the Curses interface.

From NetHack 3.6.3 onwards, the DevTeam has been maintaining an official "NetHack 3.6" app on the Windows Store.