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Sleep resistance is an intrinsic which prevents you from being put to sleep by wands of sleep, potions of sleeping, sleeping gas traps, orange dragons' breath attacks, wearing an amulet of restful sleep or reading a dull spellbook. When you acquire the sleep resistance intrinsic, you get the message "You feel (wide) awake!" It can be acquired by:

  • Playing a Monk, or an Elf of level 4 or higher
  • Eating a monster which confers the intrinsic (e.g. elves of all kinds, homunculi, gelatinous cubes)
  • Being polymorphed into a naturally sleep-resistant monster


Sleeping gas traps are plentiful in Gehennom, so sleep resistance is a high priority. However, elves are quite common in the upper dungeon, and can be safely eaten by anyone but an elf player, who gains intrinsic sleep resistance anyways, so getting sleep resistance is not difficult.


Intrinsic sleep resistance can be obtained from eating the following corpses. Of these, only the gelatinous cube is safe for vegetarians or vegans. Some of the corpses may be hazardous to eat; any possible danger is noted in the Notes column.

  1. Sleep resistance
Monster Conduct Difficulty Chance Notes
homunculus meaty 3 7% poisonous
gelatinous cube vegan 6 10% acidic
flesh golem meaty 10 12%
Chromatic Dragon meaty 23 17% poisonous, Caveman quest nemesis
Woodland-elf meaty 6 27% cannibalism for elves
Green-elf meaty 7 33% cannibalism for elves
Grey-elf meaty 8 40% cannibalism for elves
elf-lord meaty 11 53% cannibalism for elves
Elvenking meaty 11 60% cannibalism for elves
elf meaty 4 67% cannibalism for elves, danger of food poisoning as these corpses usually come from undead
orange dragon meaty 20 100%


The following messages are associated with sleep resistance:

"You feel wide awake."
You gained sleep resistance by eating a corpse or tin.
"You feel awake!"
You gained sleep resistance by reaching level 4 as an elf.
"You feel tired!"
You lost sleep resistance through level drain (gremlins cannot steal this one).
"You yawn", "You don't feel sleepy."
You were hit by a sleep-inducing attack, but did not fall asleep because you have sleep resistance.
"You are enveloped in a cloud of gas!"
You stepped on a sleeping gas trap, but did not fall asleep because you have sleep resistance.