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Dilapidated armory
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NetHack PatchDB 159

A dilapidated armory is a type of special room that originates in the Dilapidated Armouries patch, and appears in UnNetHack and dNetHack.


Each square in an armory has a random piece of armor or a random weapon, both of which are equally likely. All items generated with an armory are unenchanted; additionally, if an item is rustable or rottable, its rustiness/rottenness will be set to a random level, ranging from undamaged to "thoroughly" eroded.

Each square in the armory has a 50% chance of a monster being generated on it; this will either be a random ​R (except the disintegrator) (2/3) or a brown pudding (1/3).

Dilapidated armories are not generated above dungeon level 8 or if rust monsters are extinct/genocided.


While dilapidated armories may have useful weapons and armor, a method of repairing erosion or enchanting them will be necessary to use most items usefully.

Rust monsters in the armory may eat rustprone items in the armory before you can pick them up.

As an armory has random ​R in it, out-of-depth monsters may be generated; this includes disenchanters, which can easily kill most characters at the shallowest possible depth of an armory.

Those playing the 4.0.0 version of UnNetHack beware! The armory can generate disintegrators out of depth.


You enter a dilapidated armory.
Message when entering the armory


Dilapidated armories have also been implemented in dNetHack, with several changes relative to the original patch.

Each square in a dNethack armory has a 23 chance of containing a random weapon, a 23 chance of containing a random piece of armor, a second 16 chance of containing a random weapon (~50% of these weapons will have positive enchantment between +1 and +3), and a second 16 chance of containing a random piece of armor (~50% of which will have positive enchantment between +1 and +3). All forms of damage (rusted, corroded, rotted, or burnt) are eligible to occur to items in dNetHack armories.

dNetHack armories contain between 1 and 2 rust monsters (generated sleeping) and 0–2 brown puddings (dormant until the character comes into view).

dNetHack dilapidated armories may be generated from dungeon level 2–14, but only if rust monsters are not extinct or genocided.

Additional messages

You hear water dripping onto metal.
You hear a ceiling tile fall.
There is an armory on the level.
You hear iron oxidize.
You hear a military contractor making out like a bandit.
As above, while hallucinating.