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[   Musa-Shiya   Hawaiian shirt.png
Base item Hawaiian shirt
When carried (none)
When worn
When invoked
Base price 1500 zm
Weight 5

Musa-Shiya is an artifact that appears in SlashTHEM. It is neutral-aligned, and its base item is a Hawaiian shirt.


In addition to standard random artifact generation, Musa-Shiya can be given as a sacrifice gift to neutral characters, and is the guaranteed first sacrifice gift for Musicians.


When worn, it grants a +2 bonus to AC in addition to its base AC and enchantment, and additionally provides hallucination resistance. Musa-Shiya can be #invoked to provide enlightenment.


Musa-Shiya is named for an iconic brand of Hawaiian shirt created by tailor Koichiro "Musa-Shiya" Miyamoto[1] - the name came from his father Chotaro, who emigrated to Hawai'i from Musashi Province, Japan, and started a store named after his home province. There are many origin stories surrounding the design, many of which attribute the creation of "aloha shirts" to Koichiro during the 1920s and '30s.