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UnNetHack adds 3 artifact gemstones to the game: The Moonstone (an artifact Black Opal), The Earthstone (an artifact Sapphire), and The Sunstone (an artifact Diamond). Each can be used to create magic portals that can be used to set up fast travel points across the Dungeons of Doom. [1]


Each of the three portal stones generate in specific locations, and they are always generated blessed:

  • The Moonstone is always generated in Croesus’ possession, who resides in Fort Ludios.
  • The Earthstone is always generated in the grave of Baldin at the top level of the Ruins of Moria.
  • The Sunstone is always generated in the Black Market, where it will be on sale.

If any of the three portal stones are left behind in a bones file, they will revert back to their base gem forms.


When the player #invokes a portal stone, it will create a magic portal on a random land tile next to the player, destroying the stone in the process. What these portals do depends on how many of them have been created, and whether or not the player is carrying the Amulet of Yendor.

  • If the player is carrying the Amuelt of Yendor, nothing happens.
  • If only 1/3 portals have been created, entering it will teleport you to a random location on the current level.
  • If 2/3 portals have been created, entering one will teleport you to the other.
  • If all 3 portals have been created, entering one will teleport you to one of the other portals in a looping order.

Rules of Portal Creation

If the player tries to invoke a portal stone in a location that would be ineligible to create a portal, no portal will be created and the portal stone will not be destroyed. Factors that prevent portals from being created include:

  • Being on a no-teleport level
  • Having no eligible land tiles near the player (also causes the player to drop the stone)

Factors that do not prevent portals from being created include:

  • The presence of another portal on the level

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  • Can they be invoked on levels that already have a magic portal? Does it matter if the portal was naturally generated or created by a portal stone?
  • Can they be invoked in a corridor?
  • Can they be invoked during the Endgame?
  • What happens if there are no eligible land tiles next to you when you invoke them?
  • Does their BUC stats affect your ability to use them?
  • Is the teleport effect from using a magic portal that’s not connected to another portal affected by teleport control?
  • Can monsters use magic portals created by portal stones?
  • What determines the looping order of the portals once all 3 are created?
  • What are the base prices of the portal stones?
  • Can the stones be wished for (before and after they generate?) If so, what happens to them at their original spawn points?
  • Where does the Sunstone generate within the Black Market if it’s the version that has multiple different shops?"


As the portals created by the stones let you very quickly return to specific places in the dungeon you’ve traveled, they are best used to set up an network to quickly and easily visit places you intend to return numerous times, such as a permanent stash, an altar/alligned temple for BUC testing and sacrificing, and/or dungeon branches you intend to return to.

As the player cannot use the portals while they are holding the Amulet of Yendor, they cannot be used to create a shortcut to bypass the Ascension Run.

While the Earthstone and Moonstone can be acquired by normally exploring and clearing out the Ruins of Moria and Fort Ludios of loot, the Sunstone is much more difficult to acquire. Because it’s on sale in the Black Market, it will cost hundreds of thousands of gold, making it effectively impossible to purchase. As a result, if a player wants to get The Sunstone to set up all three portals instead of only two, they will likely need to steal it, which the Black Market makes exceptionally hard to do.


"<foo> starts pulsating and transforms into a magic portal!"
You invoked a portal stone and created a magic portal.
"<foo> starts throbbing!"
As above, while blind.
"Nothing happens."
Because the player was on a no-teleport level, no portal was created and the portal gem was not consumed.
”<foo> is hot! You drop <foo>.”
You tried invoking a portal stone in a location that didn't have an eligible nearby location, which made you drop it instead of creating a portal.
"The magic portal is malfunctioning!"
You tried using a portal that wasn’t connected to another one, and were teleported to a random location on the current level.

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