Potion of fruit juice

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! Pink potion.png
Name fruit juice
Appearance random
Base price 50 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of fruit juice is a type of non-magical potion that appears in NetHack. The juice is made from the nameable fruit, and raises nutrition when quaffed.


In addition to random generation, delicatessens and health food shops will sometimes sell potions of fruit juice.

Fruit juice can also be created from other potions through the following methods:

The potion of fruit juice is one of the potions that can be generated by a horn of plenty.


When quaffed, the potion of fruit juice raises your nutrition by 10 if cursed, 20 if uncursed, and 30 if blessed. The amount of nutrition is halved if the potion is diluted.[1]


Potions of fruit juice offer minimal nutrition per unit of weight compared to other comestibles while having the same weight as a food ration; most players will be fine diluting known fruit juice into water, simply drinking them immediately, or else using them for polypiling. In a game where the smoky potion is fruit juice, players may consider going for wishes by collecting potions of sickness, booze, or see invisible to turn into fruit juice.

Foodless conduct players will be reliant on these potions to maintain their nutrition, and also benefit in particular from alchemizing diluted fruit juice into booze.


The potion of see invisible uses the same messages as fruit juice when quaffed, making it somewhat difficult to tell them apart. Some ways to reliably identify fruit juice include:

  • Fruit juice is the only one of the pair sold in a delicatessen; delicatessens will also only buy fruit juice, allowing you to narrow down their appearance if you drop either potion on any of the shop's squares.
  • Dipping a unicorn horn into a potion of sickness turns it into fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice is unaffected by cancellation.
  • If you have become hungry within the last few turns and that status disappears upon quaffing a potion that gives these messages, it was fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice can be generated by a horn of plenty.
  • Dipping an amethyst into a potion of booze turns it into fruit juice; however, this typically requires you to have identified the gem first.


These messages use whatever the user-specified name for the fruit is, which is "slime mold" by default.

This tastes like <slime mold> juice.
The potion was blessed or uncursed.
Yecch! This tastes rotten.
The potion was cursed.
This tastes like reconstituted <slime mold> juice.
The potion was diluted.
This tastes like 10% real <slime mold> juice all-natural beverage.
You quaffed the potion while hallucinating.
This tastes like 10% real reconstituted <slime mold> juice all-natural beverage.
As above, and the potion was diluted.