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Paradise Island is one of the special levels in the Subterranean Ocean.

On entering the level for the first time, you will get the message "You feel a warm tropical breeze, perfumed with the sweet scents of vanilla and passion flower."

Buried in random locations somewhere on the island are 1d4 random cursed figurines and a locked sea chest containing lots of gold, several valuable gems, two random rings, one (stack of) silver weapon(s), an amulet of magical breathing, one magic lamp and one oil lamp. Reading a blessed scroll of magic mapping on the level (or casting the spell at Skilled or higher) causes an “X” to appear burned into the ground on the square where the chest is buried. The island is home to two tigers, three monkeys, three crocodiles, three random S, and two giant spiders, while the sea has a plethora of sea monsters. The treasure chest or figurines might be buried under a tree.