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Good morning, hackers!

I am the thoroughly spoiled Fyr on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs), named after a Cav in a novel I once read.

I have ascended every role, race, alignment, and sex. My record:

Character   : Games to ascend

Val Dwa Law :   4 - log
Bar Orc Cha :  11 - log
Sam Hum Law :   8 - log
Kni Hum Law :  13 - log
Wiz Elf Cha :  80 - log
Pri Hum Neu : 104 - log
Mon Hum Cha :  28 - log
Hea Gno Neu : 163 - log
Arc Dwa Law :   3 - log
Rog Orc Cha :  30 - log
Ran Hum Neu :  28 - log
Tou Hum Neu :  57 - log
Cav Gno Neu :  98 - log

I enjoy making up proposed contributions to NetHack (YANI) and writing about them here. Anyone is welcome to use these ideas, modify them, whatever. I am Unskilled in coding and unlikely ever to learn, so I have no idea how any of these might be implemented, but would be very interested to try them out and would love to hear about it if you turn any of my ideas into a working patch.

I am currently into extinctionism and have some helpful notes on how to go about it.