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Welcome to Fyr's House of YONI! (Yes, the plural of YANI ["Yet Another New Idea"] should be YONI: "Yet Other New Ideas". Because "another ideas" would be ungrammatical. Pedantry!)

Several of my ideas involve water:

  • A watery version of a vault: the fishtank.

Some new roles:

A couple of SMOPs:

  • There should be a fallback case for when you sit on a throne and are "granted an insight" but you have already formally identified all of your possessions. The effect of a wand of enlightenment would make sense.
  • Water trolls may turn into ice trolls when you hit them with a cold attack (wand or spell, or Frostbrand); ice trolls may become water trolls when hit with fire.
  • When you cast polymorph at a monster at Skilled level or above, and you have polymorph control, then you are prompted to specify what you want the target to turn into, with a chance of success proportional to the difference between the monster's level and the base level of your selection.
  • Walking shoes left on the floor occasionally move one square in a random direction by themselves.
  • When you throw a single gold piece upwards, rather than falling on your head (as any other object does when you toss it up), it should give you a message: either "The coin comes up heads!" or "The coin comes up tails!" with a 50/50 chance. Players can use this when faced with a decision.

Other things:

  • Some suggestions for making religion more robust.