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I've always enjoyed how the Priest gods can be any of the other roles' gods, but I was disappointed that this is only a cosmetic difference - there is no actual difference between Blind Io and Mercury, or Loki and Huhetotl.

Some ideas for all roles:

  • Special prayer favors - for example, Hermes could sometimes grant speed (as quaffing a blessed potion of speed), Athena could grant wisdom (+1 to the stat if not at maximum), Offler could give you a pet crocodile, etc.
  • You can #loot an altar. Each time you do so has a chance of displeasing the altar's god, and will anger the priest in a temple. An altar may contain a pile of gold, a random spellbook, and/or a blessed item appropriate to the altar's god - e.g. figurine of a snake for Set; wand of fire or scroll of fire for Huhetotl; ring of polymorph control for Loki; potion of cure blindness for Blind Io...

Specifically for Priests:

  • The Priest quest could have a few pilgrims - player character monsters of the appropriate role, kitted out appropriately. (So if your deity is Anhur, the pilgrims would have a cloak of magic resistance and a couple spellbooks, for example.) They are peaceful if your alignment record is positive and hostile if it is negative.
  • Let the player choose the pantheon when rolling a priest, rather than having it set randomly.
  • Your starting equipment could also be influenced in some cases (e.g., if you worship a Greek god, you start with a potion of healing in addition to the Priest starting equipment; a stack of flint stones for worshippers of Babylonian gods, etc).
  • If you wish for the quest artifact of the role whose pantheon you have chosen, then the wish acts as though there is one less artifact already in existence. (You are guaranteed to get your wish if up to two artifacts have already been generated; a 2/3 chance if there are three; etc.)