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( File:Lightstick.png
Name light stick
Appearance light stick
Base price 30 zm
Weight 2
Material [[{{{material}}}]]
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A light stick is a light tool. Similar to candles, a single light stick has a light radius of 2, which increases by one for every additional power of 3 (as opposed to 7 for candles). Therefore, a stack of 3 light sticks will illuminate a 3 square radius, 9 a 4 square radius, 27 a 5 square radius and so forth.

When you first #apply a light stick, it will burn for 300 turns. It cannot be extinguished: although it stops emitting light when placed inside a container, the 300-turn countdown continues. When expired, the light stick may be recharged with a scroll of charging or the PYEC.