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) Net.png
Name net
Appearance net
Damage vs. small 1d3
Damage vs. large 1d4
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill net
Size one-handed
Base price 50 zm
Weight 30
Material leather

A net is a weapon tool that, in addition to doing a small amount of damage, has a chance to entrap any monster of size small to large (smaller monsters slip through, and larger ones do not fit). The chance is dependent on luck and on your skill level with nets, and whether you are throwing the net or attacking with it in melee - throwing is more likely to succeed, but can only be attempted with a skill level of at least Basic.

If the entrap attack is successful, the net is removed from your inventory and the monster is immobilized for 2d6+2 turns. While immobilized, it cannot move and it suffers a -10 to-hit penalty. If it is an intelligent monster wielding an edged weapon, then on each turn of immobilization it has a 10% chance to cut through the net (destroying the net and, of course, freeing the monster). Failing that, when the monster either struggles free or is killed, the net will be found on the ground.

If a monster attacks you with a net, you try to escape by attempting to move in any direction. If wielding an edged weapon you have the same 10% chance per attempt of cutting through the net.

Nets do not stack in your inventory.

If you drop a blessed net into a pool or moat, you can now cross that square as if you were wearing water walking boots, but with a (20-Dex)/20 chance of falling into the water each time you step onto it, perform a melee attack while standing on it, or #dip anything into the water. The chance of falling in is raised to 50% for each of the above actions if you are fumbling, stunned, or both. The source code refers to this as "surfing the net" - another NetHack pun.