Vampire mage (GruntHack)

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This article is about monster as it appears in GruntHack. For the monster in the original code or other variants, see vampire mage.

A vampire mage, V, is a type of monster that appears in GruntHack, and is implemented from the deferred monster in the code of NetHack. Like other vampires in GruntHack, the vampire mage is a racial monster that is considerably stronger than a vampire lord - he shares the same traits as his undead vampire kin, will seek out and pick up magical items, and is a lord to his kind.

Vampire mages possess a claw attack and bite attack that can drain life, and will attempt to cast one mage monster spell for each round of combat.


Randomly generated vampire mages are always hostile.

A vampire mage leaves behind an old corpse matching the racial monster they were upon death.

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