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Wait! is the beginning of several messages relating to attempting to walk where a previously unnoticed monster is hiding. These include:

Wait! That's a foo!
This is one of the messages used for mimics and the Wizard of Yendor's clone after using Double Trouble.
Wait! There's a foo hiding under <an item>!
This is used for spiders, snakes, and other monsters capable of hiding under items.
Wait! There's a hidden <monster> there!
This is used for sea monsters hiding in water.
Wait! There's something there you can't see!
This is used for monsters that are either invisible or unseen to you while blind.
Wait, foo! That <item> is really a <role> named <player>!
YAFM that occurs when you are temporarily mimicking an object after eating a mimic corpse, and a monster attempts to attack you.
Wait, foo! That's a <polyform> named <player>!
Used in similar circumstances to the above message, when the player is polymorphed into a mimic and has used #monster to mimic an item.
Wait, foo! There's a <polyform> named <player> hiding under <an item>!
Used when a monster tries to attack a polymorphed player hiding under an item.
Wait, foo! There's a hidden <polyform> named <player> there!
Used when a monster tries to attack a hidden player polymorphed into an eel or trapper.


There is also a demonic malediction that goes, "Wait! I shall polymorph into a grid bug to give thee a fighting chance!"

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