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The aberration is a monster class that appears in xNetHack. Aberrations are represented by the uppercase U glyph (U), and are designated internally by the macro S_ABERRATION.

The aberration class "replaces" the umber hulk monster class from vanilla NetHack, which has the titular monster as its only member, and includes several other existing monsters that are moved to the monster class.

Aberrations consist of the following monsters:


The presence of mind flayers in the monster class serves primarily to avert the YASD potential from using a blessed scroll of genocide on them as a dwarven player. This change additionally solves the problem of "minesflayers", which occur in vanilla NetHack as a result of initial level creation for Gnomish Mines floors outside of Minetown and Mines' End: mkclass may ignore out-of-depth rules when placing a random humanoid monster.

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