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Certain nasty items will autocurse themselves (that is, instantly become cursed), so exercise caution even if an item does not appear to be cursed. 축복받은 물건도 초반 플레이어가 의심하는 것처럼 단순히 저주받은것이 아닌 것도 저주가 된다는 점을 강조해야 합니다. The only items that autocurse are:

The helm and the dunce cap will become cursed when worn by a player, while the loadstone only becomes cursed when dropped - that is, picking up an uncursed loadstone is perfectly safe. However, since all loadstones are generated cursed (except possibly those in containers), they are still best left alone. 만약 당신이 wizard, you can safely ignore all conical hats, since the only other hat that shares that appearance is the cornuthaum, which is only beneficial to wizards or to give large-sized pets magic cancellation.

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