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Kernigh distributes a brass interface patch containing ports of five vanilla interface patches to NetHack brass 040923 with the intention of bringing to NetHack brass an experience similar to that at The patch fixes a few bugs (especially for those upon Unix), including one that could cause an infinite loop to hang the game in Gehennom. It also updates some help files and the Guidebook. You need a copy of NetHack brass 040923 to apply the patch against.

Download the patch from: and config.h

Those on Unix should run in sys/unix after applying this patch (for a fix to the top-level Makefile). For Unix users, the patch also creates a new option CONFIGFILE in section 3 of config.h. The intent is that by setting CONFIGFILE is ".brassrc", the game will try to load ~/.brassrc before loading ~/.nethackrc so that some users can maintain separate configurations for brass and vanilla, but users without ~/.brassrc still use ~/.nethackrc.

The patch will enable all of the new defines in config.h by default (in fact it will also try to enable AUTOPICKUP_EXCEPTIONS). To make good use of the patch, you also need to set up some options in your NetHack config file.

From the README

At 23 September 2004, Youkan modified the source code of NetHack 3.4.3 and ported some code from Stephan White's NetHack Plus to form the variant called NetHack brass 040923.

At 22 September 2006, Kernigh ported five interface patches from 3.4.3 to brass 040923, fixed a bug of infinite loops in mkriver in mkmap.c, updated the Guidebook and some help files, removed some compiler warnings and fixed a problem in the Unix Makefiles. The five patches were:

Errata for version 0.1

  • The patch modifies and Guidebook.tex but not Guidebook.txt (to reduce the size of the patch). Unix users can use the Makefile to remake Guidebook.txt from (The Makefile normally ignores Guidebook.txt and creates another one called Guidebook.)
    • and Guidebook.tex still do not explain how to use menucolors or statuscolors.
  • The dump patch required some significant changes to work on NetHack brass and to avoid clashing with the statuscolors patch. Upon a dump (and remember to set the dump option to a filename), items and ridden monsters should appear correctly in the screen dump, while skills show as percentages in the skills dump. There might still be some bugs.
  • There is a severe bug in NetHack brass which could cause an infinite loop in when generating rivers in the maze level below Medusa's Island. On systems with unsigned "char", the C compiler was converting -1 to 255. Fortunately, this patch fixes the problem by declaring those integers as signed characters.