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This article is about software bugs. For the monster, see grid bug.

A bug is a problem in NetHack's source code. There are two lists of bugs for vanilla 3.6.0 provided by the DevTeam: one for nonspoiler bugs and one for spoiler bugs.

The variants keep track of their bugs at Bugs_in_NetHack_4, User:Bulwersator/UnNetHackPlus_bug_tracking and apparently User:SGrunt/GruntHack_vanilla_bug_tracking.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs in vanilla NetHack directly to the DevTeam, either by emailing them, or using their contact form. Please also add them to the section Bugs not mentioned on the DevTeam's website below and consider adding your bug report to the list of bug reports, since the DevTeam's bug descriptions often are too vague to be helpful.

Status table

Status Description
Open The bug is unresolved, but the DevTeam knows what they need to do about it.
Not a bug Sometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixed The bug will be fixed in the next bug-fix release.
Fixed The bug will be fixed in a future release.
Help The DevTeam does not know what is causing this and would appreciate related bug reports.
Superseded See another entry for information on this bug.

Core bugs

Last updated: 2015-12-22

Name Status Patch Description Additional info
C342-31 Open You can get a message telling you a monster wields a weapon it already was wielding.
C343-20 fixed When dying immediately on entering a level, the map may show you dying on the previous level. This doesn't matter - mostly.
C343-21 Open Pets can be pulled through closed doors with a leash.
C343-23 Open Dungeon collapses after vault guard fails to lead you out. Instructions to reproduce bug
C343-38 Open Dismounting and kicking a monster that jumps may result in landing on the wrong side of a wall. Kicking a monster makes them mnexto() you, then tries to flavour the resulting movement. In very confined spaces, mnexto() may not be able to find a space next to you after all. This applies to many monsters with speed >= 12 with a chance of 1/3 or 1/4 depending on how well you kicked, and the bug occurs whether it’s flavoured as “jumps” or “slides” or “floats” or whatever. (A subsidiary bug here: it can also be flavoured as “teleports”, yet trigger on a no-tele level.)
C343-331 Open Sleeping monster reacts to a mirror.
C343-370 Open Travel (_) command can get stuck trying to plot a path past an interesting dungeon feature, for example, a trap or fountain. Possibly related bug
C360-4 fixed Backtick command causes errors in some ports (and not in others).
C360-5 fixed Cursed scroll of genocide can behave inconsistently.
C360-6 fixed Plural grammar error in message for undead turning.
C360-7 Not a Bug Dark grey objects on black can't be displayed by some terminals (we know this applies to Mac OS X's Terminal) so they seem like they are not there. Workaround: set OPTIONS=!use_darkgray to use dark blue instead.
C360-8 fixed Setting "NAME:player" in nethackrc (or equivalent) causes a crash at startup.
360-9 fixed Eyes of the Overworld messages may contain unintended information.
360-10 fixed Shape-shifted vampires interact incorrectly with genocide.
360-11 Open If the user's config file cannot be read, the system config file is read for a second time resulting in warning messages before the game starts.
360-12 fixed Uncursed scroll of enchant armor fails to uncurse the armor being enchanted.
360-13 fixed Plural of "slice of cake" is wrong.
360-14 fixed Named scroll's name not always used when it should be.
360-15 fixed Reading a dull spellbook can make a sleep resistant hero fall asleep.
360-16 fixed There are typos in passage 1 of the tribute for "The Colour of Magic."
360-17 fixed Eating ring of protection doesn't always work properly.
360-18 fixed Wand explosion does not handle deafness correctly.
360-19 fixed DevTeam xlog's realtime field is not accurate.
360-20 fixed Player can hear pets while deaf.
360-21 fixed Discovering an invisible corpse with a stethoscope may not make the corpse known.
360-22 Open If a stethoscope finds an unseen monster on a square with an object-detected object while blind, after killing the monster, the object isn't remembered.
360-23 fixed Reading a scroll while blind violates illiterate conduct.
360-24 fixed Sceptre of Might database entry is inaccurate.
360-25 fixed Dying while helpless (which can be any of several different things) with a high enough score to be added to the record file corrupts the record file.

Spoiler core bugs

Name Status Patch Description Additional info
SC360-1 Open While blind and levitating, too much information may be presented. Does this refer to messages about monsters scared by an Elbereth engraving? Or typing > to identify the stairs? Or to the ability to identify ground types (ice, floor, altar, grave, etc.) when hovering over them?
SC360-2 fixed Castle chest could be trapped.
SC360-3 fixed Lava doesn't destroy all boots it should. Only water walking boots are destroyed by stepping in lava (if not fireproof). All other flamable boots survive.
SC360-4 fixed Doppelgangers posing as Riders never transform.
SC360-5 fixed Polymorphing from a fast form to a slower one, the new form may get extra moves it shouldn't.

Windows-only bugs

Name Status Patch Description Additional info
W360-1 fixed DevTeam Help->About crashes the game. (So don't do that.)
W360-2 fixed When quitting the game, at the "Hit to end." prompt, closing the window rather than pressing Enter causes a crash. Annoying, but does not affect the game.
W360-3 fixed "nethack -s" leads to "-s is not supported for the Graphical Interface"

Build-from-source bugs

Name Status Patch Description Additional Info
S360-1 fixed Typo: Makefile.top uses pilemark.xpm as a dependency but this file is really called pilemark.xbm. (X11 only)
S360-2 fixed Ray Chason The file qt_xpms.h is corrupt. The top of include/qt_xpms.h is missing; the Qt interface will not build without it
S360-3 fixed [1] win/share/tile2bmp.c produces bad bitmaps with 64 bit GCC

Bugs not mentioned on the DevTeam's website

Dev Contact# Description Status Additional info
#H4302 #name fails on long discoveries list fixed in next version (per Devs) If there is more than 1 page of discoveries, you can't select a discovery from subsequent pages. Workaround: use ">" instead of space to move to next page
#H5955 Monks and martial arts Replied Monks should have gloves enchantment contribute to martial arts damage. Full report
#H5990 Lycanthropy and polycontrol fixed Add a paranoid option for toggling beast form during lycanthropy. Full report
#H6006 GitHub PRs + 3.6.0 statuscolors Unknown There has been several pull requests with fixes/enhancements, and a 3.6.0 statuscolors re-implementation that should fix the issues you had with the 3.4.3 one. Are you aware of these? Full report
#H6051 Conflict and player monsters Unknown Player monsters, since they're flavoured as being other players, should ignore conflict. Full report
#H6104 No potion handling in thitu fixed thitu (the target function for flying objects hitting the player in general) lacks proper handling of potions Full report
#H6125 Vorpal Blade exploit fixed Certain usage of Vorpal Blade allows certain beheading. Full report
#H6144 Weak from hunger vs sustain ability fixed Sustain ability interacts incorrectly with hunger. Full report
#H6151 Major pet AI bug Unknown Pets don't follow you as they are supposed to. Full report
#H6189 Minor text issue in data.base for EotO Unknown The Eyes of the Overworld database text contains '... and finally there is "the Eyes of the Overworld".', which looks a bit odd from in-game.
#H6204 Pet displacement during travel Unknown In corner cases, travel can kill pets. Full report
#H6283 Minor scroll reading quirk Unknown If your current monster form is of one that can normally talk, you will "pronounce the formula" on a scroll if blind -- even if you're currently being strangled.
#H6285 flooreffects can credit the player erroneously + panic Unknown Some events regarding monsters killed by boulders don't work as they should, and can cause a panic. Full report
#----- +9 lockpick Rogues fixed Rogue starting inventory contains a lockpick with a "+9 enchantment". Full report
#----- muse telewands fixed Monster item use logic has dead code for teleport wands which can interfere with reordering MUSE_*. Full report

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